Does a McIntosh MX-132 have a HDMI hookup?

Thank You so much.
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No, not even the latest MX-135 and MX-119 do. I had a MX-132 and now I have the MX-119. I don't run my video through the processor anyways, as I never really saw the need to.

I do run the digital out of my DVD player into my MX-119.

Feel free to ask more questions, it is wonderful equipment, but takes a little time to figure it all out.
No the MX132 was released long before HDMI or even DVI. It also does not have component switching either. I have had the 132, 134 and now the MX135 and it only has component, no HDMI.
I run a optical digital cable from my JVC DVD player to my MX-132. For me it sounds better for music and movies then RCA cables. Comments on that?...

I would agree with you, as I am doing pretty much the same thing with my set up. We are using the DACs in the McIntosh processor instead of our DVD players.