Does a center channel have to match the front spke

Does a center channel have to match the right and left front speakers?
I have Dynaudio Confidence 1 speakers on the left and right. The Dynaudio’s have an Esotec tweeter. For music listening I’ll just use the right and left channels, but for watching movies, I’m going to add a center channel speaker. To maintain good sound for watching movies, is it best to only get a Dynaudio speaker that has the same tweeter. Or can I get a less expensive but good center from another manufacturer who doesn’t use that particular tweeter and still good good quality sound without the tweeters mixing badly?

I have two 5.1 systems in my house. My living room system has all speakers (except the sub) from the same company (Silverline Audio). My basement system was cobbled together from various speakers I had accumulated. The mains are old Paradigm towers and the center is from Boston Acoustics. The mains of both systems are of comparable size, and the centers are as well. The AVrs of the two systems have comparable power ratings and the rooms are of similar
fwiw, the basement system sounds better, especially with movies and t.v. I therefore don't think that it is all tha essential to have all speakers be from the same manufacturer, despite all the advice from HT gurus to the contrary.
My LRs are a pair of KEF 104/2s with dome tweeters. I used a KEF 200C center channel with a Uni-Q tweeter. That arrangement worked fine except for opera on Blu-ray, where a disconnect was obvious when a singer moved about the stage. I replaced the 200C with a pair of older 102s that have the same dome tweeter used in the 104/2s. Tracking a singer is now smooth without the disconnect.

To answer ur question, NO! The center channel does not have to match. But, I highly recommend it.Your C1s have the ESOTAR SQUARE tweeter...not the esotec. In the Dynaudio line, u have two options: Contour SCX center, or the Confidence center. They both have the ESOTAR SQUARE tweeter. The Contour will be about half the price. And there are deals to be had right here on Audiogon. I find that matching the center for HT has a certain degree continuity in sound quality. Same tonality if u will.I have the C2s and a Contour SCX center. This combination works fine. However, I wish that I would have waited a little bit longer to get the Confidence center. I'm still considering the upgrade. I guess that it all depends on how well u want ur HT presentation to sound. I've heard other systems that mixed mains with different brand centers. To me, it's noticeable! And that is distraction for me. Others are not as discerning. I've always felt that the equipment facilitates the goal of the director..."to suspend your disbelief" while watching a film. I really enjoy watching film...and to listen to a soundtrack that gives u goosebumps while watching, can be very rewarding. But, then again, this is coming from a guy who has enjoyed film all of his life. I hate using the word "serious," but I guess it all depends on how serious u are about viewing movies.
All good answers. I agree with both points of view on this subject. That's only because of all of the variables involved, content,equipment,room and so on and so on. A mix of speakers can work well, my father in-law has a mix all the way around and it's all entry level stuff and actually sounds pretty good. I've also heard many systems that are mixed that are awful. But for me I will always use matched speakers, it sounds more balanced and even across the whole sound field, not just the front sound stage. Go out and demo and see what you can come up with.
Thanks for all the help. All excellent points.