does 32 bit make a difference over 24 bit?

I am looking to buy a new cd/dac. I have looked at the SimAudio 750 which is supposed to be 32 bit. I am trying to purchase something that will not be obsolete in the next few years. I have twin Pathos Classic 1 mkIIs running bridged(about 140 watts per channel) and Avalon Ascension speakers. I only play red cd's but will at some point get in to some kind of streaming. I would like to keep the price at somewhere between 6k and 7k (used. Will the higher bit rate make a difference in the future?
Thank you all

The audible difference between 24 bit and 32 bit is zero - zilch.

Higher bit rate does sound better but there is a problem with getting it - a lot of stuff you may like may not be available on it.

To my ears the biggest difference comes from DSD and if you want future proofing as much as possible that's the way to go. However DAC's are moving very fast so it doesn't matter what you buy it will be quickly outdated.

I am considered a bit of a DAC nut, listening to, and buying a lot of DAC's. My view these days is rather than go for an up there DAC in the $6-7k range (and I own 3 DAC's in that range as well as others) go for a trailing edge DAC with technology that was previously in that or an even higher price range and in a few years when this fast moving area has changed again upgrade then to the trailing edge at that time.

Right now the value DAC to get is the Chord QuteHD. It has technology nearly identical to the older $9-10k Chord DAC but now at about $1700.00. It also does DSD. I have compared it to my expensive DAC's and, much to the dismay of the maker, who was there at the time, it bested my $6K PDX. It was better via PCM than my $8K Playback Designs MPD-3 and nearly as good via DSD. It is also close to my $6K Killer DAC. To get the best out of it though you need to get something like an Off-Ramp and a linear or battery power supply. I have heard it with a linear supply and my Off-Ramp - that's when it bested my PDX. I am getting a battery supply built for it and will post with the difference it makes - which will likely be better than the linear supply.

Bottom line here. See if you can get a loan of the Chord and compare it to the much more expensive DAC's you are looking at - I think you will find its not worthwhile spending the extra dosh.

I have heard very sizable differences in absolute sound quality between the 24/32 bit players and DACs I have used.

Gztone, interesting timing; I currently have my two Pathos Classic One MkIII units set up Mono and am using the Simaudio Moon Evolution 750D as source (I reviewed both for I keep getting new levels of sound quality which crush the previous one using these sweet amps. I have been using the 750D in conjunction with the Pathi as one of my favored setups for well over a year now and the combo is superb.

You are obviously attempting to get an extremely high quality sound sensibly and I think I know how to help you do so. You can contact me via the Audio Asylum website if you wish to discuss further.
How come I never see any used or demo 750d's or 650d's for sale here? I can't afford a new one.
Robert, Simaudio wants to build a reputation of extremely fine sounding, very reliable gear, in which I think they are succeeding. I would guess the buyers of their products are looking for longer term components rather than a quick fix.
Also, the company does not seem to come out with updates as quickly as some other companies, so the upgrade path might be a bit slower.
I agree with almost everything Bhobba stated. Most PCs and macs are not setup to play 32-bit files; that is the few that exist. That said, I do not believe that anyone would actually hear any difference in a blind test.

I have also looked at the Chord DACs, the reviews are very good. But I simply can't get past the over-the-top retro machine look. I would prefer that they packaged their technology into simpler packaging and cost 50% less. But maybe that's just my pet peeve...
I just want to clarify what I said.

Obviously I haven't compared two DAC's that are exactly the same except one is 32 bit and the other is 24 bit - DAC's like that do not exist. And there is simply far too little 32 bit stuff around to check it that way.

What I am saying is 32 bit capable DAC's as a group do not sound any better or worse than 24 bit - nothing I can hear anyway. Obviously within both groups there are difference but as a whole I cant hear any. I will say however that 32 bit capable DAC's generally use newer chips like the SABER chip - I am not a big fan of the SABER chip - the detail it presents is a bit too overt for my taste - that's in the one SABER implementation I heard that didn't have other issues such as a cold top end and a bit of sibilance (a modified WFS fed by an Off-Ramp).

Two of the best DAC's I have heard are the Killer DAC - its 16 bit and the Chord - its 64 bit. So my suggestion is judge DAC's by how they sound in your system - not if they are 16 bit, 32 bit or even 64 bit.

hi Douglas,
referring to your thread above, you mentioned "using the 750D in conjunction with the Pathi is one of my favored setups... and the combo is superb"
May I know what speakers were you pairing with when using this setup? is it King Sound electrostatic?
Thanks for you kind info..
Philipwu, one set of speakers I used was the Chapman T-77, but over time I also used the Kingsound King electrostatics. One of the Pathos Classic One MkIII integrated amps is not enough to drive the big electrostatic speakers well, but two units in bridged mode, or "Pathi" as I referred to them, will get the job done.

The amplifier which replaced the Pathi is the Wells Audio Innamorata, and while one of them can drive the King ESL, two of them passively vertically biamped are superb.
Thanks so much for sharing your experiences and letting me know more about Innamorata amp too.
I have ML Spire ESL and unsure about the capabilities of Innamorata to power Spires since their impedence curve should be quite different from Kings Sound ESL.
BTW, I enjoy reading your articles. : )