Doe's anyone have a Esoteric XO-3 cd player?

I am thinking about purchasing an Esoteric XO-3 cd player. Anyone out there have any experence with hearing or owning one? I am FINALLY upgrading my system and want to do it once and do it right. Please, any comments?
I have the SE version and love it. Built like a tank, the best transport in the business and a very liquid, textured sound. Detail without the harshness. I cannot recommend this machine highly enough though I cannot say I compared it with everything out there at the price point.
I have one as well and it is the best digital I have ever heard. I'm thrilled with it. Awesome redbood and sacd playback. Balanced out is the way to go so hope you have balanced input on preamp. Also needs a ton of break in so be patient. best player under $10k and you will need to spend considerably more to get a better player. Wel recorded cd's (and sacd) rival my vinyl rig.
This is a 32 bit machine?
Thank you for your responses,I have a JC-1 preamp and a pair of JC-2 pre amps ,so I can run balanced from the player all the way to the amps. I have heard both positive and negative about balanced and single ended. I will give the balanced a try. Also looking at the Esoteric XO-5, a little bit less money, but what would I be giving up in the process. My big thing is I want to purchase from a company that will be around for a while, hense thinking Esoteric. A close friend also told me about a marantz player that retails for around $6,000. Any coments on that?
have xo3se --love it--would get the xo3se over the xo5--there is one on the gon now almost new for a good price---
I have to keep reminding myself that audiogon is for spenders, not thinkers.


How many 32bit machines are in existence? Not much to think about.
Thank you very much Dodgealum,cerrot and Ras422 for your input. It seems a shame that there are still big egos in audio. You wonder why the "high end" gets a bad rap,just look at the response from Reb1208. Gee pal,if we were all as smart as you, you would not be so "special" would you. Why would you even bother to respond to me, guess you have no life. All that I want is some input on making a very big purchase. Where I live, there are not alot of good high end stores to listen to different cd players.
Beside the point,THANKS to all of you ready to help out another music lover. Remember,It's all about the MUSIC, not the equipment!
if you have any ???? feel free to email me --rich
Irishaudioboy, you gotta hear it. The 05 is sweet, but the 03SE is special, L o w level retrievel of the most minute details..., detail, depth, no edgyness or digititis... its a sweet rig. No fatigue-very fussy as it wants only great recordings as it is soo revealing and doesn't know forgiveness. I did need 1,000 hrs breakin. Great cables (PC/IC) bring it to a new level.

You gotta hear it.
Outside of the video board is the UX3pi same quality as XO3?
I've had an X-03se for about 6 months and can't speak highly enough about it. It replaced the much vaunted Meridian 508.24, which it smokes in every respect. Its redbook CD playback is outstanding, but the interesting thing is that the SACD playback is just on another level completely. To me it just reveals how limited redbook CD is by comparison - which is a matter that no-one in the audio industry appears too keen to publicise. It amazes me when I read reviews of SACD players where the reviews focus on their redbook playback and say virtually nothing about the SACD format. It's a joke really, and dishonest, in terms of promoting an inferior format and giving the impression that SACD is somehow a redundant technology. Since getting the Esoteric, I've not bought a single redbook CD and probably never will again. Anyway, the X-03se is a very fine player and an absolute bargain at the price you can get a used one for these days.
A big thanks to all of you for taking the time to help me out with this purchase. I just ordered the XO-3 and can't wait to hear it in my system! If I have any more questions, it's nice to know there is a place were I can get some straght answers from. Again,thank you ALL very much!!
Congradulations, Irishboy. Please be very patient with break in as it doesn't sound very good out of the box. It's still winter (not sure where you're located) so if it's cold where you are, let the machine settle indoors for 24 hours before you plug it in and turn it on. Leave a CD in on repeat for a long, long time (Esoteric website says 250 hours and if you call them, they say 400 hours but it can take a 1000 hours depending on system so please be patient. Balanced out is the way to play this baby (single ended not a slouch but it loves balanced). Get some good footers (I use walker audio valid points which I prefer over cera pucs on tis player), good IC and good PC. Small investment to get to some of the best digital out there. Good luck and reach out if you have any questions.