Dodson DA-217 owners...I need your help

Hey guys!!

OK, I'm buying a Dodson DA-217 (original)!!!

Does anyone out there own the original? Any feedback would be great.

Thanks again guys!!
I've got one! It's the best upgrade to the digital side of my setup I've ever made. Huge improvement in my opinion (I'm using an Anthem CD-1 that was going through an Accurus ACT 3 for D/A). Just be sure to use a good digital cable that has a real BNC connection rather than an adapter going from RCA to BNC. I tried the adapter route at first and it was better than my old setup, but it improved signifcantly when I went to a directly treminated cable (Synergistic Res. Ref.). Dodson also has a pretty decent upgrade path. The original 217's can be brought up to MK II D status pretty easily from what I understand.