DODSON 127II, 127II D and 128

Any light for difference and update? Can 127II be upgraded to 127II D and worth it? Can 12II D be upgraded to 128 and worth it? Cost info too?
Are you, perhaps, confusing the model numbers? With Dodson, I am only familiar with the 217, the 217 mk 2d and the 218.

You should contact Silversmith Audio who acquired Dodson Audio several years ago and still services these DAC's.

I believe you can update the DAC 217 II to the DAC 217 IID but you cannot upgrade the DAC 217 to the DAC 218.

I purchased a used DAC 217 II about ten years ago which was updated with the 24/96 upsampling option which I believe then essentially made it a DAC 217 MK IID.  I also had the DAC 218 software update installed but still my DAC is not the same as the DAC 218 but it gets it closer in performance to the DAC 218.
Sorry I am wrong for model name. It should be 217 II  217 II D and 218. Thanks! 
Mrotino, when you update from 217II to 217II D, how much did you pay and did it wort? Was it better economically doing update than buying original 217II D? Same questions for updating 217II D to 218? I do appreciate for your prompt post.

I bought mine used already updated to 217II D which is the upsampling option to 24/96.  I can't comment on what the sound differences are as I did not have the regular 217II to compare to the 217IID.  A friend of mine had the 217II and it sounded fantastic so not sure if the upsampling option is really worth it.

These are older DAC's and I don't think you can find them often used anymore so you probably do not have the option of finding a used 217IID too easily.   

The software update from the 217 to the 218 software was worth it in my opinion.  I don't recall the cost as I had it done about 10 years ago. I'm not sure if the upgrade is still available.  I would contact Silversmith audio and inquire about any updates if they are even still available for the 217II.  These DAC's were made around 2000 and were discontinued around 2004 but Silversmith audio would be the only retailer who could provide details.