do yoy always have to pay full price?

I had a friend ( passed on) that would always help me bye my gear, he some how always got great deals. On my Kef refference fours on my veloydne sub and my theater grand i never paid anything close to retail price. Should i just be thankfull for the luck ive had and now pay retail or is there some thing i can do to learn his secrets. Im looking for the Martin loagn vantage
Finding the right dealer will always have benefits such as discounts on gear.
Great any thoughts on extra nice dealers?
My advice is find a Martin Logan dealer in your area and make nice with them. It may take some time, though. I know with my local dealer, it took me six months of buying things before the discounts starting rolling it. But, it was worth the wait.
thank you so much i will do that.
I've actually had better luck getting dealers to throw in other items for free than having them discount the particular item I'm buying. When I bought my CD player and integrated amp the dealer gave me a pair of Grado SR-60 headphones and didn't charge me sales tax. It worked out to an 18% discount.
Just always buy your stuff on Audiogon.

You will always get great pricing and usually get equipment that is in good to excellent condition.

good ideal. I foud a dealer about 300 miles from me , he sounds like a good guy at least he is will to work with me on a package deal. the dealers in my area tell me they have to check with their HQ before the could even consider it
I believe Tweeter now sells M-L. Sometimes they may have open box or discounts on new.
Summer time is just dead for most dealers, they are more motivated to be flexible on price to make the sale. I know, it doesn't help much in December.
Certainly not, timing can be a big factor however. Buying new gear,I have often found the best time to buy is in the spring, around the George Washington birthday sales. Places like to clear out all the stuff they did not sell in the previous year. Buying a few things at one time usually helps to sweeten the pot for youself as well. Good luck and good hunting.
thanks all for the input