Do your Cables migrate thru your system?

I initially bought a pair of Audioquest Emerald ICs for my CD player/receiver setup (eons ago). Then I upgraded to separates and got a good deal on a run of Lapis from the CD to the pre-amp. The Emerald got demoted to the pre-amp/amp run. Then I found another run of Lapis to fill in from the pre-amp to amp. The Emerald got kicked out the system all together and demoted to home theater. Yes, I run Emerald for my front speakers. Bought the DVD player and got a run of Coral for free. This connects the rears. I bought a five-channel amp and got a run of Opal for free. One half connects the center channel. The other half...the sub. I've never bought a cable for home theater, I just used the fall-out from my audio system or got free stuff. Anyone else have a similar story?
Well,"Not Exactly" I keep them all the "same"/thruought the 2 channel. I trickle down the older ones, to HT use. But, also in complete "same" form. Even my digital lincs are the "same".
Hi Argent; I've pretty much done what you have, and when the ICs, cables, PCs etc get "demoted" far enough, they end up for sale. However at this point, they may be good values for someone else who may repeat this process in their systems. Ergo, good audiophiles are good recyclers-- yes? Cheers. Craig
ah yes, the nirvana cable and operating much like Argent and Garfish at my place. kurt
Argent, we call it "The Boneyard" - that's the bedroom system. We have the 2 channel, the HT and The Boneyard. We just can't seem to get rid of anything :-)
Seems like an all too common trait of our "sickness". At least we're all showing the same symptoms : ) Sean
I also have a few little orphaned systems (systems I started and decided not to finish). I had a little home theater setup for a bedroom. Turned out I never used it. So off to the chopping block it went. Sold the receiver, tv. I cannabilized the cables as I needed them at the time, but now most of them have been demoted to the (sniff) closet. I've actually given away some of the decent cables to friends who are just starting their system. Nice S-video cable to the friend who bought my tv, decent optical link to the friend who bought the receiver. I'm trying to sell the speaker set to another friend of mine. To him I will gift one of my unused Transparent coax digital cables (I have two!). Normally I keep the really good stuff because I never know when I might need it. But now I believe this is getting out of hand. I literally have two closet shelves full of unused interconnects, digital cables, video cables and speaker wire. Its like a mini parts warehouse. But hey, I don't have a problem or anything. I can stop hoarding this stuff any time I want. :)
Yes, I guess the do migrate through my system(s). I will always try new cables first in the Pre-Power Link, then the CD player, Tuner, then through a second system in my Den/Computer Room. I do not care enough about my HT system to warrant expensive cables (I am using decent ones), so left overs get sold if they no longer have a place in the two systems.
Having seven systems means plenty of requirement for IC's and PC's. So yeah, I demote wire on an on-going basis whenever I can. Only exception is stuff I can't re-use due to length or termination, in fact, put some speaker wire and IC up for sale today to avoid the three-closets-full-of-wire syndrome. And no, I'm not going to put together another system, I've run out of space and ideas. Jeff
My interconnects follow the same migratory pattern outlined in your message...initially from the source to the preamp-amp and then upstairs to the two-channel HT system. If they ultimately get bumped from the latter, they go to one of my three kids for their systems. Same with the speaker cables.
Sheesh Jim, your in bad shape. Not only did you have to clothe and feed the kids, now your supplying their "audio habit" too : )

I'm kind of in the same boat. If it doesn't go into one of my five systems, some of my stuff works its' way into my Brothers' or Dads' system. It's gotten to the point that they are pretty well dialed in now though, so most of it will probably go on the chopping block from here on out. Sean
Hey, Jeff, tip - don't ever getting into tropical fish! If your passion for audio transfers to keeping aquariums, hooobooooy! and, hey, there's always the garage :-)
Some cables migrate in and out and some seemingly out to the closet forever but then again there could arise some occasion like you want to try out a sub with an outboard cross-over and suddenly you need some cables and so what if you think they're not that great. They should work just fine for this application, or out of the blue, you need something for the soon to be kitchen system. You just need to have some stock on hand to cover these situations.

Rhljazz, yer pullin' our legs about the kitchen system, arncha?