Do You Use USB for Streaming?

If so, you might be interested in the cable below

Power supply and USB cable separate audio signal cable

I use an Enercell USB Power Adapter as the power source

ENERCELL AC to USB Power Adapter 5VDC 1000mA 2730414

As it happens, using power from the USB port to supply the DAC's internal USB circuits is common practice.

The dual cable prevents RFI/EMI between signal and power conductors, as in conventional USB cables.

The quality of the cable itself is also very good and performed better than a very good "boutique brand" with both USB-A plugs plugged into my iMac

The biggest improvements I found were in clarity, image and dynamics.

I have compared the sound using the Enercell power supply to using a USB battery pack and could hear no difference, which means the power adapter is very quiet.

Season's Greetings :-)
I have a Metrum Hex dac. For USB it uses a M2Tech interface. They power the interface internally in the dac and do not draw any power from the computer. They say this really improves the sound of the interface. So your device will probably be a good thing
Excellent post Williewonka, I can see where this could help.

Like Arh, my Allnic D5000 DAC does not depend on the USB to power but you are on to something by locating this.
Thanks guys - I have the Schiit Bifrost - an excellent DAC for the price. I assumed they used the USB power for cost savings, since it's a very basic little DAC

Then a couple of months ago Schiit came out with a "Decrapifier" - yes that's its name. It provides a better power option for USB interfaces. I had to wonder if that was planned?

Even though it's only $100 - you need a second USB cable for that solution

This cable however minimizes cable requirements and electronics - something I like to do.

The performance of the power adapter surprised me though - something that affordable that actually works well.

I tried a few adapters and the Enercell worked the best

My DAC has never sounded so good :-)

Thanks Williewonka, I use a Audiophilleo2 with PurePower. I am thinking that the PurePower approach is analogous to what is described above excepting that the USB conversion is external to the DAC. Possibly I am missing something.
Mesch - you are correct - your approach is similar in principle to the cable + power adapter approach I identified - which is, fix the power issues and fix the data issues - then pass the good data to the DAC for conversion.

My Bifrost DAC takes care of the necessary reclocking - which I believe is also what the Audiophileo2 does.

The outcome of both is significantly higher quality audio.

Power over USB for digital circuits is just like all other digital loads. IT requires a very fast responding regulator. Batteries don't work very well for this, even LI. SMPS power supplies, at least the latest generation can respond very fast, but they also introduce noise due to the switching.

The optimum solution is a very fast linear regulator in a linear supply, like the Power Block. This supply is based on Hynes regulation technology, so it has the best regulator available. Extremely low noise and very fast regulation. No adapter cable needed.

Power supplies are the MOST IMPORTANT part of any audio system, whether for digital or analog sections. The Power Block is the best of these solutions. The others are just toys:

30-day money-back if you are not satisfied with the improvement, less shipping.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Steve N - I cannot agree more. Power is of prime importance.

However, not everybody on this forum wants, needs or can afford a Ferrarri - some people will settle for a VW.

But we all want to get past a GREMLIN :-)

For the younger readers - A Gremlin is a really old crappy car

I've just finished trying something a fellow member had asked me offline - but I think it's definitely worth a mention...

The "dual cable" mentioned in the initial post above is only 1 meter long and the member had asked...
- does it still work as well if USB extension cables were used to extend it's reach
- as apposed to ordering a longer, more expensive cable.

I have now tried---
- a standard 15ft BELKIN Pro Series USB extension cable on the signal cable
- and a 10ft no-name USB extension cable on the power side of the cable.

I have tested this setup streaming 16/44, 24/96 and 24/192 files and they did not affect the audio quality at all.

But, I did find that the quality of the SPDIF cable between my v-link192 and my DAC made a considerable difference to sound quality

Just another little tid-bit to tuck away :-)

I've just made a little DIY inspired by this thread consisting of splitting a USB-cable and connecting a separate 9VDC wall wart transformer via a 2200uF//1uF Wima MKS and a LM317 regulator. It made a significant improvement over the standard powering of my ESI USB-interface from the USB-connector on the computer.

To put it frankly I don't think that changing the USB-cable will make any major difference as long as the computer is supplying the power the the DAC and paying $58 for a splitter like the one recommended sounds ridiculously expensive. I just used some stuff I had lying around and it only took me half an hour although I still will have to box the regulator in some kind of suitable casing...

But for someone who is not familiar with electronics it is of course an easy solution to buy a ready made cable and a 5VDC transformer even if the price IMO is somewhat expensive, to say the least...
Hi Kraftsound - had to smile...DIY is usually the most cost-effective option if you have the skills and materials available - but if you think Doukmall’s $58 for a split USB cable is expensive, check out what iFi is asking for their GEMINI split USB cable! $58 seemed a bargain by comparison.

Streaming goes through the internet.

USB is not through internet, and not streaming.