Do you think using A300x damage my Linn Sara's?

Hey folks,

I'm a newbie here. Just about to recieve a lovely old pair of Linn Sara's in great condition. I am aware they are notoriously power hungry and I am on the lookout for a second hand suitable amp setup...ideally NAP 250...but may well have to settle for something more affordable.

I currently have a pioneer A300x, laugh out loud I know but I was, perhaps naively hoping I could use the speakers with this (at a low volume) in the meantime. Am I mad? you think I am likely to damage my new (old) speakers doing this? Not so worried about damaging the amp though avoiding a fire would probably be a good idea! I have read loads of stuff about speaker / amp impedance matching but still unable to find a definitive and trustworthy conclusion.

I'd be really grateful for any help at this early stage of my foray into hi-end vintage hi-fi.