Do you think my cable length setup will have much effect or may hear the difference?

Due to the component placement, I will have different cable length. Please let me know if you think it will have any issue? I am trying to save and not wasting on something not necessary.

My initial measurement are as follow: -

Processor to Amp #A1 (5 XLR @ 2m)
Processor to Amp #A2 (4 XLR @ 3.5m)
Preamp to Amp #B1 (1 XLR @ 2.5m)
Preamp to Amp #B2 (1 XLR @ 4m)
Front Speaker Cable L/R @ 6ft
Center Channel Cable. Can I just go with 3ft and different series than the front L/R channel
I also have different brand cable for surround and ceiling speaker. I assume it doesn't matter much due to effect speakers?

Please advise.
Personally, I don't think it will make much difference unless you are a perfectionest and even then I question the noticable difference in sound because of the different brand of speaker cables.
Sit back and enjoy!