Do you think audiophiles are the most gullible hobbyists

They seem to fall for anything. I have had other hobbies before and people seem to be more sensible. What is it about Audiophiles that makes them so gullible?

Geoff, living in New England we get happy when the temp gets above freezing too. As far as free sex goes however, the Puritan conservatives censor art, nevermind allowing sex, at any cost. 
gullible = strong desire + lack of solid information.

Like Schubert implied, music is a drug = strong desire for some people.

Not just with audiophiles. Gullible happens with anything from face cream to the pill industry to the concept that money equals happiness so if you spend a lot of money on a house, car, etc. you will be happy
It's not that simple.  If I had the money and I spent a lot of money on say a Ferrari I would be happy. Or if I spent a lot of money on speakers, say Raidho or Rockport or Magico, I would be happy.  Obviously if you're a poor audiophile you will have to make do and be happy with that. You will have to settle for something like a Honda or a Toyoto.  Cars and audio are not like the cosmetics industry at all. Money can buy happiness.

I'm involved in several hobbies and I must confess that the audiophile hobby has the most snake oil flying around.
After all, you can't argue with someone about what he has heard.

i bet that what someone has for breakfast any particular day has more influence on audio perception than what type of power cord one uses.