Do you suffer from ceruminosis?

Excessive ear wax, that is--It's an overlooked cause of hearing loss. I have to clean the wax out every 3-4 months, and the difference is noticeable. While some wax in the canals aids in reducing dry irritation and provides some antimicrobial protection, an impaction of wax against the ear drum reduces acuity. When water become trapped behind a wax buildup, and we've all felt that, it's time to do something. Debrox or an equivalent is the safest and most effective DIY treatment. It is the safest method, because the other is a mechanical removal, and this carries some risk of injury and is often painful. Do not stick anything into your ears to try to remove wax--that just pushes things in farther. Ear candling is dangerous and does not work at all--don't even think about it. Use drops over 4-5 days. These combine with the wax so it will run out as a solution. A bulb irrigation with warm water at the end of treatment will rinse it out, but go gently with this to avoid tympanic pressure. As always, consult with your doctor, who can easily visualize a wax buildup.
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Very true. If you are on Medicare, you are entitled to two cleanings a year. Makes a big difference.
The best upgrade to my rig.

Once every year I go to the Doc to clean my ears up.

The best cheap investment I´ve ever made to my system.


Back when I was a kid I had a big problem with wax buildup in my ears. My aunt (who was an RN) used to lay me on her lap and pour hydrogen peroxide in my ears and the worst thing about it was the tickling sensation as it loosened up the wax. I never had to go to the doctor after that.

This was back in the '60s and it still works fine but now I use the bulb to vacuumm out the wax that's dislodged and viola!, better hearing.

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Not this week.
No need to be overly zealous in removing ear wax. It rarely causes any hearing problems if left alone.
I was told by a nurse that running warm water into your ears from a decent shower head is (often) all you need to keep the canal free of excess wax.
i once had one ear get completely clogged up and had to go to the ER for treatment. SO i can report now that i have never had to go back again. It was
a pretty frightening experience at the time.
French Fries, you had to go to the ER--was this after you stood under a shower to ram water into your ear? If you weren't trying to be funny, well--I laughed anyway. Thanks for that….please, just try the drops. You can even warm the bottle slightly.
1 drop of mineral oil every so often works great.