Do You Remember Your First Music Purchase?

Lisa (my better half) and I, were doing some vinyl listening this weekend. She posed an interesting question. What is the first record in your collection that you had ever purchased?

Since my music aquisitions started in about 1965, needless to say, my first music purchase was a record. For some of the younger folks on this site, their first music purchase may have been a CD.

For me it was Gary Lewis and the Playboys, "Everybody Loves A Clown". It took me about 2 hours to figure out since I have, I would guess, about 2500 albums. I still have the album and it still plays pretty well considering it's probably been tracked by about 20 different stylii. I had A Webcor Stereo that my parents had purchased me for my 6th birthday. It had a 7" BSR turntable and an AM/FM "radio" built in, with 2 "detachable" speakers.

What is the first piece of recorded music you ever purchased and do you still own it?
Well up to this point I love most everybody's first purchase. Most all of those were favs. of mine.--While my older siblings bought records that we all listened to; "my" first record purchase was the 78 of Les Paul/Mary Ford; "The World Is Waiting For the Sunrise"---This was played on one of those wind-up jobs. I think there must have been 5/8 lbs. weight on the needle. After enough spins I think you could hear the B side without flipping the record.( Backwards,of course.)
I purchased 3 LP's in the fall of 1969 (I was 12).
Jimi Hendrix- Are You Experienced?
Jefferson Airplane- Surrealistic Pillow
Country Joe and the Fish- Greatest Hits
Still have them all but, the Hendrix and Airplane albums have been "replaced" by the DCC reissues. Still waiting for an 180g. Country Joe reissue......
Physical Graffiti. It took me weeks to save for it at a dollar a week.
Meet the Beatles and I'm A Fool Lp by Dino, Desi and Billy which has a great version of Like A Rolling Stone on it.
My very first purchase would have been the "Best of Stephenwolf" on tape circa 1988(?) I would have been ten years old. I am sure I still have it somewhere, but I don't have a tape player anymore.