Do you recommend this Outlaw deal?

Basically for 2000.00 I can get new Outlaw 950 pre/pro, 7 channel amp, and a new sub. I've read a lot on them and they seem to be pretty well thought of. Is there a better deal for this price?

Currently I have an old Harmon Kardon AVR amp/pro combo and an infinity 200 Watt sub. This will run my DCM TimeFrame speakers.
It's hard to beat the the outlaw stuff at that pricepoint. A lot of bang for the buck. Easy to deal with the people there, also.

Good luck,
Superb customer service, great products at the price point. I have had a 950 for 2 years, and like it quite a bit. It has some serious competition out there now in a similar price range, such as Rotel, but nothing like that combo for $2k!
The 950 is not the greatest 2-channel pre out there, but does have an analog by-pass mode that works very well.
The only problem I have is that it wont accept coax digital from a computer sound card, and I have tried a few different ones. The optical works fine, however. As for customer service, they sent me 3 different units at their cost trying to alleviate the problem. I dont know if that problem has been fixed or not. They have a pretty active message board on their site, you could ask if it matters to you.

Are you sure that the coax digital was enabled on your soundboard? Must are disabled by default. I have a friend that is running his computer into a 950 via coax digital.

Well guys I just ordered the package for 1500.00 which includes free shipping. This is the 950 and 7100 combo. I'll wait to see how the 950 treats my existing JBL Sub. Thanks for all the advice! Ryan
For 2000 you are close to the price of a used McIntosh MHT100 which is a pretty darned good home theatre receiver; ie, one box solution. The McAmp will still be close to what you pay for it in a couple of years; you cannot say that about buying anything new/retail even with a modest discount as the depreciation is murderous.
Prpixel, Yep, it was enabled. In fact it was working just fine on the Parasound pre/pro I was using before the Outlaw. (P/SP-P/DD-1500 combo). And it occured with at least 2 different cards, and one onboard. It might be because my 950 was one of the first available, I was on the waiting list.

Could be. I know they had some QC problems in the beginning.