Do you put as much effort into your Car Audio?

I spend a lot of money on my car audio system since I'm in in my vehicle as much or more than I'm in my home. Just wondering if anyone else does. I can't stand listening to most stock systems. Let me know what you have.
Yeah I take it pretty seriously. I actually have a Butler Audio 475 Tube Driver amp that has a couple of 6SL7GT tubes in it. Some high end focal speakers, and an additional sub and amp. Lots of dynamat for vibration control and damping. And of course a good head unit with Bluetooth. CDs still sound the best. A skilled and patient installer is a must. Sounds pretty darn good! Problem is my wife drives the car except when we go on road trips!
I love car stereo! I have been active tri amp since the early 80's. Now running Pioneer P9, 2 Alpine F1 4ch run mono on a active set of Utopia Be 3 way, with pair of 900 w Audison running pair of 10" Hertz Mille. NPR sounds awesome!
What are you running?
Despite the wind and the engine noise, I enjoy Nakamichi and MB Quart speakers - thinking of upgrading to Morels though. Of-course it's not your home main system, but with less than a grand, one can considerably improve the quality in your car, although some luxury cars do have acceptable ones already.
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Never again. Not worth the bother.

Same here (living in the city). BTW, it was probably a crack addict. 10 speed bike sells for $20, car stereo who knows?