Do you prefer tidy room to messy one with better sound?

I got two 18 inch Scaena sealed subwoofer(120lb each , Kevlar/Carbon composite cones) last Friday.

But delivery man dropped the package in my garage.
My neighbor helped me to move 120 lb subwoofers to my third floor listening room on Sunday.

It is fun with subass rumble to real 16hz in the background.

The subwoofers work with my Lansche 4.1 speaker like magic with clean and deep bass and enormous dynamics and wider deeper soundstage.

My listening room used to be tidy about 18 months ago

But now it is a mess with several isolation transformers and cable for Sr1a headphone.

Even with such mess, I enjoy the sound of my 2 channel system and Sr1a, Stax 009s headphones.

How about other audiophiles?

Do you prefer tidy room to messy room with better sound?

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There is one positive aspect to clutter in a listening room. It acts as diffusion and can actually make the room sound better. For non treated rooms of course.
It is going to be best to have a tidy room which sounds well.

But in reality, with so many tweaks. cables applied, it is not easy to organize it in tidy look.
I'm so non-neurotic about decor, despite the fact all my electronic components are modestly black, I bought a silver-cased Mytek BB simply because it was slightly cheaper.  I gotta say, too, that it actually livens up what is otherwise a glumly poker-faced equipment rack.
Overly sterile typically sounds that way
but my pet peeve is the forest of gear as trip hazards right in front of the turntable....

also, gear rack off to side is preferred.

OP what a lovely space you have up on the 3rd floor- how nice!!!!