Do you prefer the sound of VAC or Allnic ?

Not talking about specific models, general discussion.
VAC would be better to me thats your choice though.
Have the Allnic LCR Phono now and had the VAC 8 years ago.It has been years since I had both but they had different sound signatures.
Allnic is a different league, more dynamic, emotional and meatier.The Allnic has very expensive Western Electric signal tubes
with a superb nickel SUT. Not much dealer representation in the US.
VAC has a little more more sweetness but in comparison is challenged at the frequency extremes. Both are nice units but I really connected to the music more with the Korean machine.
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A number of years ago there was a thread regarding VAC and Lamm. Different participants preferred one or another, some equally liked them both while saying that they sounded quite different. Regardless, one line throughout the thread was that VAC's midrange was superior. I understand, Allnic is much closer to Lamm all tube amps.