Do you play any...?

My devotion to music developed early and I started playing accordion at around 6...7. I then was studying in the school of music, but wasn't able to obtain higher musical education and eventually became a software engineer for the past 33 years.

My interests pretty much established towards an artistic and sophisticated music that I can listen with pleasure via equipment of my choice.

I'm sure many of us here had something to do with musical training or education here on this site, but are there any that have no idea how to play any instrument? 


Somewhere on this website there's a well-posted thread on this subject. Some admit to having little or no history or expertise on a musical instrument. Some have lots. The trouble is, the thread's title doesn't give much of a clue about all those posts. Now...if I only had the mental skills to find it...

When I was a child, my mom took us to watch this guy named Van Cliburn.   Needless to say, I was hooked.  I believe I was 5 years old.  From there I dove into my parents and grandparents vinyl and found a record from Clyde McCoy, "Sugar Blues".  Wow, such diversity in sounds.  Took piano for 5 years, and in my humble opinion, I am not good at all and basically suck.  There was a guy at college that wanted to learn to play piano and asked that I show him what I knew.  Two weeks later he asked me to listen to him and he had far surpassed my ability.  I believe you either have it or you don't.  However, that doesn't diminish my love of music.  Ability and love are 2 different things.  I have found I have a great ear, there is just some disconnect in the brain in any attempt to reproduce or create music.