Do you past equipment appear in your dreams?

I see recurring dreams about an Audio Innovations tube amp I used to have. In the dream I suddenly remember I need to get new tubes, after then everything becomes difficult.


That amp was great, a bargain. It broke, of course, and somehow my dad got rid of it, took it to a crap metal shop maybe.


Work, graduate school, some relationships… but fortunately I have not gone over the edge on audio that far. But if I did, it would be lust over something new… but that’s me. 

No, but I've fondly dreamed that I'd kept and was still driving one of my old cars. 

I too have a recurring dream about some guys dad bringing an Audio  Innovations tube amp into my crap metal shop and leaving. FWIW it only needed a fuse and it still sounds great. Enjoy the music

This is an interesting and unexpected question. Of what I remember equipment never appears in my dreams. It probably does from time to time, though, but that's an assumption.

I rarely recall dreams, but occasionally have one involving a Tiny Tim crystal radio I received as a gift when I was young.

The dream is of something that really happened and the radio images are of it being "clipped" to a floor lamp with a metallic pole holding the light globe @ the top (the metal pole acts as an antenna for the crystal radio which has no battery or external power source) and my father operating/tuning it.

The actual event is that my father borrowed the radio to listen to weather updates during a major summer storm in Iowa as the power was out.

We were in the basement due to tornado warnings, but a snook (sneaked?) upstairs to get something and saw a lightening strike across the street (through the living room’s picture window) that split a huge Elm tree in half.

The field across the street was a forest of Elm trees with a large pasture cleared for horses (the lightening strike rocked our house like an explosion).

Aside from the radio/lamp the dream includes my view through the picture window/including its Mahogany trim, the lightening strike/percussion and one of the horses (Dynamite) who was not in reality visible to me during the storm as the horses had all been secured in a barn prior to the storm hitting (it’s a dream).

Not much "gear" in the dream and it’s certainly not on the level of dreaming that you are still in High School (not being able to graduate) at the ripe age of 69, but I like it because I get to see my father, the Mahogany picture window trim and Dynamite again.






I cannot recall any dreams about audio equipment, but I seldom remember my dreams very long.   Usually I forget them shortly after I wake up.  I do have recurring dreams about a great job/career I used to have, and last night or this morning I had one of those.  I distinctly remember two people I used to work with, and mention of a third, in that dream.  That job had nothing to do with weightlifting (although through out the sixteen or so years of that job I did lift weights) but in the dream I was bench pressing, and the bench I was on had a thick pad or foam covering, so when I unracked the barbell the weight of it drove me down into the padding far enough that I could not rerack the barbell.

I have dreams all the time about taking simple little trips in my car and then some obstacle or the other is presented and I have to detour and I wind up lost and unable to complete my trip.


Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar

Damn fine pull, @nonoise!

Today’s Freud Post Insertion winner.

nonoise, can you know when it is and when it is not ?

You can't. Careful.

No nighttime dreams, but I occasionally have fond waking thoughts of some things that I 've owned, like the Spendor SP100's and the Nestorovic 5AS. Neither is as good as what I have now, but they had their own good personalities and brought me happiness when I owned them.

So in his book about analyzing dreams, did Freud have a section on tube amps vs solid state?  And another on digital vs analog?

I often dream about how to install new equipment I just purchased. Seriously.

I’ve had my system 45 years now, just these last few years that I’ve spent getting my JVC QL Y-66F TT in spec & JBL 240Ti speakers restored. Finally having everything all put back together again sounding like I remember has been a dream, but now I am DREAMING ahead and will be adding both of these jewels to the system.

Both a Rogue Cronos Magnum III all tube integrated amp and a separate
Rogue Ares Magnum II tube phono preamplifier which includes an isolated independent power supply, like Chef Emeril says "to take it up a notch".
P.S. I lust for all the guitars and amplifiers that I've loved and lost in the past.


@aewarren    Good one!

I remember my dreams quite well, and I don't recall ever dreaming about audio equipment, which I find to be interesting given the importance it has had in my life. Given the current theories about the functions of dreams (I am a psychologist), I would expect that audio gear could be grist for the mill, especially for those of us who have given it attention for many years.

…….what is the purpose of this thread ? This one is just ridiculous……

……yes I did as a matter of fact to point out the absurdity of the question which obviously you don’t see and that’s why I am responding to you . 

Why is it ridiculous ? Certainly more interesting than talking about yet another amp.


I did have another dream last night about my old job, but as of now that's all I still remember.

But to the OP, now I do vaguely remember having a dream or dreams about what a Cowboy Junkies track (Southern Rain off of Black Eyed Man)  would sound like after I had a mod done to the outboard DAC I was using at the time.  I don't know why I still remember that, except that I was probably expecting great things that never materialized