Do you own a Benz Lukaschek PP-1 phono pre?

Strange question. I bought one of these sleek little Benz units used a while back. Mine came with a 110v wall-wart power transformer from Polytrona AG, and it has some form of European plug configuration plus a Brookstone travel adapter. It's cheesy and I'd like to get a proper U.S. version of the transformer. Benz wants $50 and it will take like 6 years or something to come from Switzerland and I have to go through a dealer (now there's a big sale). So...if anyone owns a Benz with a proper transformer, could you let me know the manufacturer and model or part number? Maybe I can locate one online somewhere.

The one I have outputs 24V. I guess that should be readily available, but of course I want the best I can find and all that.

I welcome any suggestions, including to just shut up and be happy with what I've got. Thanks.
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This is the brand it comes with for USA use . The voltage adapter should cause you no problems. You probably bought one that came here as "grey goods" - hence the need for the adapter.

Are you happy with the way it sounds? For what that unit is-it puts many higher priced phono stages to shame.
Mine has absolutely no indication on it who manufactured it. The specs printed on it are Input: 110VAC:6VA Output 24VAC.
Thanks. To be clear, it's not a voltage adapter. It's a plug adapter.
I previously owned a PP-1 and the factory wall wart was a
simple step down transformer (110 to 24V). I went to Radio Shack and picked up another to replace it with for less than $20

The one you will get from Benz will not be any better, just more expensive. There is nothing exotic about it,just
a simple transformer.

If you do go to R.S. be shure to take the PP-1 with you so
that you can fit it with the proper input plug.
Do you recommend(anybody)?

I am contemplating buying one(PP-1/T9)used.
I like mine. I'm not convinced that its fixed 22K ohm load is ideal even
for Benz cartridges. I wish it could be adjusted, but I suppose fixing it is
a way of improving the sound. I love the small size and jewelry box
form factor.

It's probably a component I will upgrade at some point in the future,
mostly because phono preamps are relatively affordable and fun to play
with. But it is very enjoyable.