Do you listen to non-music media?

Hi I still have comedy vinyls I enjoy listening. I also bought some comedy CDs as well. I'm also fan of Ernest Hemigway reading his own novels.

Please share if you sometimes 'waste resources' of your precious audio system and just lay down a comedy or any spoken word record or CD to play?
I listen to audio plays, books and vintage radio shows.

Stacy Keach does a wonderful reading of Hemingway's short stories.
I have some old comedy LPs I listen to from time to time. Favorites are Justin Wilson (cajun humor) and . . . . Spike Jones (anyone remember him?)

I also have a decent collection of spoken word LPs on the old Caedmon label, but only listen infrequently. My favorite one features T. S. Eliot reading his own works.
Only one I have is Alan Ginsburg, Ballad of the Skeletons.

Only know Spike Jones from Levon mentioning him in Cripple Creek.
I often listen to courses from the Teaching Company, science, history, arts, economics and so forth. Some audiobooks, too. But this is usually through headphones while exercising or in the car. I don't often waste opportunities to listen to music when I'm at home, in the listening chair in front of the precious system.
Yes-Radio Mostly National Public in my car. I have seen Spike Jones on YouTube. Can't say I am a fan, sorry to say.
Haven't listened lately, but I have Woody Allen, Firesign Theater, and Rodney Dangerfield on LP.
I have some comedy albums, but the largest part of my spoken word collection is Shakespeare plays, most of them from the Caedmon label. For Shakespeare lovers, there is also a great record by John Gielgud of his Ages of Man one man show. This is actually one of my LPs I use for testing the system or a new component thereof. I have taken it to other people's homes and to audio shops many times.
I'll watch or listen to Eddie Murphy's Delirious stand up comedy act from the 80s every now and then.
I loves me some Firesign Theater and John Boy and Billy (Charlotte, NC radio DJs)....

Czarivey-surprised you didn't mention Cheech & Chong.Hey just pulling your chain.I have a couple hundred comedy LPs.Including Neutrino Corporation mastered by Robert Ludwig.A shelf full of Spoken Word including many poets e.g.Vachel Lindsay,Allen Ginsberg,Ezra Pound.My favorite poet on vinyl is Dylan Thomas on the previously cited Caedmon imprimatur.Also love sound effect Lps.The Elektra guide to Electronic Music gets an occaisonal spin.That one has examples of electronically generated sounds,like Ring Modulators for example.Very entertaining.Nice idea for a thread Czar.
Casey, I didn't mention any comedian, but I'm huge fan of George Carlin, Cheech Y Chong, Steve Martin, Jackie Mason and certainly Lisa Lampanelli! Can't wait to see her in Carolina Theatre in May... Holding my tickets tight!
The weekly "Le Show" from Harry Shearer. Stream it...reminds me of Firesign Theater at times, although it's more a topical political thing mostly. Well done.
I listen to Paladium concerts quite frequently off of the cable box . They improved the DAC's quite a bit on the DVR box's . Someday I'll run it through a better digital set up though .

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