Do you listen to equipment or music.

This Blog got me to thinking about the subject:;postID=191909277...
In the past I have spent hours listening to the same part of the same song just to fine tune various components of the of the audio system. I even move speakers and listen - move them again and listen more. Sometimes I wonder what I am doing. Whatever it is, when I get into this mode, I am not listening to the music.  It would be nice how the community feels about listening to music or equipment.
Well the only time I listen to equipment is when I repair something for another person.  That allows me to know how my system sounds to a variety of components.  So far, I am very happy with my system but I did recently upgrade speakers same brand but the new models.  I sold the old models but the guys has not come to pick them up yet and I have not even taken the time to swap them out.  Once you learn what exactly where to make the change in your system, and how to make your system sound like you want it to, then you can stop listening to your equipment.  Happy Listening.
Biggest fun I had was when I was comparing a few power cords. But very short fun. It took 30 seconds or less for each of four to hear what there was to hear.
wolf_garcia, agreed; although my 'approach' to 'audiophrenology' may be considered 'fringe' to an outright travesty in choice of equipment, cables, ad infinitum.  I generally listen to the music, since What I employ to do so pleases me enough.
Any equipment variations of my own of late currently lean more towards signal control vs. 'quality'.  That detail can vary so much that one notices more the variables in the process of engineering, the source of the selection and how it was created, and where I found it...
....but that's only IF I'm cranky enough to pay attention to it...*G*  If I'm 'just listening for entertainments' sake', I can blow it off and just enjoy myself.... 
However, if I've completed a new pair or set of the DIY speakers I've completed, all that gets tossed.  Then, I'm listening Hard, the 'puter's are Up, and the serious analysis takes place.
Ultimately (and IMHO...well, perhaps, Not so H...smirk*), the quest for perfection is a solitary goal.  One 'hunts' or not, if pleased where one finds oneself; until you're not.  Then budget, SAF and tolerance, and the usual bevy of variables comes into play.  If one is lucky (or not; your call on the IRL opinions of others), you've got local 'audioholics' to opin on your 'arrangement.'
In that regard, I'll consider myself my own worst critic.  As for the rare 'listener' I host, the great majority have NEVER heard anything approaching what I'm about....
...and it's just my Hobby.  For now.... *s*
@prof  yes, listening to equipment can very easily become a laborious chore where you easily find yourself going found in circles. I have nowhere near the self discipline or the methodology  required to keep it meaningful.

It's better if you have willing friends to help you, most likely audiophiles. But even then we hardly ever went beyond 20 minutes or so before the urge to put on an album and listen purely for pleasure took over.

Apart from that time when someone put on a Northern Soul album ... luckily the sofa was very comfortable and I could easily allow myself to nod off for it's duration.

Prof, it was drudgery, but that was the only way to get it right. Now I find it hard to read a magazine in the listening room when music is playing because I'm so drawn to the music.