Do you know of 5 HiFi manufactures that have been in operation for over 40 years ?

HI All,

I hope the title is self explanatory,

From your own knowledge going back to the 1970’s who is still around manufacturing HiFi today ?

Please only companies with the same family in charge or designer ?

Should we all be spending our hard earned cash supporting these companies ?

Of course we have new Audiophiles/music lovers enjoying tremendous new equipment from new companies but i would love to give a BIG shout out to the companies that go back to the 1970’s and still going strong today with the same designers.

In no particular order of preference,

1) Sound Lab

2) Atma-sphere

3) Townshend Audio

4) B&W Loudspeakers

5) Wilson Audio

We of course have Tannoy Harbeth Spendor KEF QUAD Audio Research etc But sadly i am not sure who pulls the strings now.

Please share your knowledge and please keep safe,

Thank you everyone take care.

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Jim Winey: Magnepan; John Wright: Decca/London; Frank Van Alstine: AVA; Paul McGowen: PS Audio.  
McIntosh.  Rega.  Bowers & Wilkin.  VPI.
I have to check all of these:

  • Monitor Audio
  • JBL
  • Altec Lansing
  • Luxman
  • Audio Research Corporation
  • Acoustic Research (Kind of iffy)
  • Tannoy
  • Technics
  • Yamaha
  • Conrad Johnson
  • Martin Logan
  • Revox

Brands I wish were still around:

  • Snell
  • Tandberg
  • Kyocera (as an audio company)
Thank you for the shout to JBL i owned the K2 then went up to the Everest which suited my room better back then. Great Speakers i certainly enjoyed them in fact i still miss them.
Great to see you mention Paul  McGowen: PS Audio.
I remember heading to Kenwood's repair facility in Gardena CA with my dad to get my Kenwood receiver fixed.  It was the 1960's.  No front counter.  Just a few Japanese guys working at benches.  Nobody spoke English.  They took one look at my KW-40 and gave me another one.
Based on the OP’s criteria, some of the companies listed above no longer have the original designer/owner/family member at the helm. 
Iill check it out asap!!
Perhaps someone from the British press could chip in and give authoritive answers but as far as I know -

Harbeth are still under the same ownership since Alan Shaw took over from founder Dudley Hardwood back in late 70s (1977 I think).

Rega too have kept ownership and manufacture here in the UK.

Linn is being run by the founders son I think, just like Wilson Audio is.

Arcam and Naim are still the same companies but not Tannoy who seem to have confusingly changed both ownership and location several times.

Spendor is still UK based but under different owners, I think.

Many other UK renowned companies (Wharfedale, Quad, Mission etc) have also changed both ownership and location and are now being run by IAG -based in England and manufactured in Shenzhen, China.
Here's a few under the original -- or same family -- ownership. I think...
ATC loudspeakers, SME Audio, Thorens, Linn, Accuphase Laboratory, Atma-Sphere, Tannoy, FM Acoustics, Ortofon, Nagra Audio, Wilson Audio, Focal (JM Lab), Burmester Audiosystems, Clearaudio, Jadis Electronics, Audio Research Corp
Ohm Acoustics, and still made here in Brooklyn, USA.

Also Klipsch.
Did anyone mention Grado?
Not liked here but Bose.

Moon Simaudio

Sonus Faber


Tannoy is the same company, only an owner change and a location change in I believe 1972, but still in scotland uk and still making a quality handmade product, except the models that are constructed in china...
Marantz, Klipsch, Crown, ProAc, Bang and Olafson
I"m a big Arcam and JBL fan but they are both owned by Harmen which is owned by Samsung currently (unless I'm incorrect). Props to the folks who mentioned Rega as I'm a fan.
How many people are aware of B&W transitioning to US ownership and more recently having some interesting changes?
Jeff Rowland  (51 years)

Don’t believe these companies have sold out to others... still family owned at least.

Van Alstine
Conrad Johnson
Quicksilver (Not sure 40 years but has to be close.)

Don’t think Jeff Rowland Design Group has been in business for 51 years as a company, but maybe I suppose.
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Jeff Rowland Design Group was established in 1984 (Facebook), but Linkedin shows January 1969.  Perhaps it was a different name then?
Since 2017, Conrad-Johnson has been owned by Jeff Fischel, a long-time employee. Still in the "family." 
How many people are aware of B&W transitioning to US ownership and more recently having some interesting changes?

Not me great info.
Bob Carver, in one way or another.  Seems he started high end with Phase Linear, dipped down into the mainstream, and is now ending his career back in the high end making tube amps.
How about Burmester? 🤔 

By 1978, Burmester Audiosysteme GmbH was fully established. Already in 1978, the company introduced the characteristic chrome design, which has even found its way into the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.[7]

Burmester 877 preamplifier and 878 power amplifier, incorporating the characteristic chrome design. 
Meridian Audio same designers ?
I have seen a picture of Richard loading a pair of 2s in a Ford Pinto so Vandersteen Audio qualifies 
FritzSpeakers has built custom loudspeakers since 1973.  Yikes... 47 years, has it really been that long?
Reference 3A out of Quebec has been the same owner, I believe, since 1977.
And is Adcom still under original or hereditary ownership?
JMLab-Focal (1979)
JL Audio (1975)
PS Audio (1973)
McIntosh Labs (1949)

So, all of my components (except for wiring) are from "oldies, but goodies"!
Mapleshade Recording Studio 34 yrs
David Berning Audio 46 yrs
ASC Tube Traps 35 yrs
Shun Mook Audio 30 yrs
Townshend Audio 50 yrs
P.W.B. Electronics 40 yrs