Do you indulge when listening to your rig?

I was curious how many audiophiles have a glass of wine or beer when listening to their system. I myself on occasions have done this with excellent results, although it's not a habit. If you were going to have a serious listening session would you, or would not have a drink. Thanks for viewing this thread!
Based on what I hear from the "kids these days", "E" and "Molly" are more for jumping around like a maniac for hours to thumpy music performed by an overpaid kid with a computer, not necessarily "active listening" (my new favorite audio geek term). Very few people die from smoking a little pot and sitting on my couch, although stranger things have happened.
"... although stranger things have happened..."

Gotta tell us about these someday!! A'gon ratings/site hit rates should go through the roof! :^)
Single Malt Scotch (neat) usually MacAllan or Lagavulin. Sometimes with a really good brew such as Alesmith Speedway Stout.