Do you indulge when listening to your rig?

I was curious how many audiophiles have a glass of wine or beer when listening to their system. I myself on occasions have done this with excellent results, although it's not a habit. If you were going to have a serious listening session would you, or would not have a drink. Thanks for viewing this thread!
Yes, some evenings a couple of Guinness Extra Stouts (the original) does seem to mesh me with the music even more. Once in a while a nice red wine substitutes.
A few Beck Sapphire beers between 3 & 6.
After dinner some XO & a Trinadad Fundador sets the mood for vinyl.
Vodka or whiskey generally. Wine or beer sometimes, but usually something while listening.
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I have a glass or 2 of Merlot, Cabernet or Shiraz with dark chocolate every night. If my system is on, it does enhance the taste and mood.
Turkey Hill Diet Green Tea ... choices are a lot easier as my body can not tolerate the hard stuff. I would probably smoke a cigar, if I didn't have cats or furnishings or a wife as I don't want any of the three smelling like tobacco smoke.

Lindisfarne, you should know that marijuana is legal in my
state (Washington state). I have tried it but I didn't inhale
and no I did not have sexual relations with that women.
This time of the year, a couple Sam Adams Octoberfest really conditions my ears for the musical euphoria that takes place.

Soy milk with Baileys Irish Cream. If I'm going to be a lush? Then a healthy one I be.
Certainly, either scotch or red wine, when available and in moderate amounts, otherwise the sound stage would lose focus ;-)
The combination of great jazz and an intoxicant makes me sleepy, so, I no longer indulge in the devil's weed or drink while seriously listening.

How many of you have awakened in a panic after finding out the stylus on your turntable had been scratching at the end of an LP after you had fallen asleep while listening?
Right now a glass of water.

On friday nights "La Colorada" the best beer ever made in Spain.
Yes, but only digital when indulging. Keep this in mind:
Alcohol and vinyl don't mix.
Some learn at great expense.
Craft beers and/or scotch for the week end listenings for sure...

On a related subject, i read about a clinical test somewhat recently, with MDMA suggesting that a very small amount of this drug can elevate ones connection and enjoyment to music quite quickly.
A little weed allows me to get drawn further into the music. Highly recommended A+ on my recommended list.
I certainly appreciated the combination of music and pot while in college in the 70's, but I haven't used pot since. These days, I look forward to listening at night, with a couple fingers of good scotch.
Beer or red wine with dinner is typical and if music follows the combo is great.

If no alcohol at dinner then single malt scotch is my favorite. I drink it straight up, no ice and no water and limit to a small amount in a proper whiskey glass.
Lindisfarne you are already here, welcome to my virtual space
you have been grandfathered in, just allow me to tidy up a bit
before we proceed. Do you live here in Washington state?
Pinot Noir, a good Cab or Pilsner or Ale, but not all the time. Fridays and weelends for sure, sometimes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,...
I'd like to mention how nice and grown up folk have become to allow pot into the conversation without the usual backlash that used to accompany it. The times they are a'changin.

All the best,
I try not to drink when I am listening to my system. It might lead to my thinking that I have one of the best systems that anyone has ever heard. Them i goes on audiogon and kinda slur me worlds and brag about to everybody ( thank god for auto spell ) and the i wake up in the next unit ofer and thn my x findes me sleepen on the flore witch is gooder then the house her x bult for her dam dog....then.....please dont let me hit the sublet bottom ...
Rx8man, I leave the details to you, if you could promise to pull that off, I'll will raise the cash (which I'm good at) but which musicians would you have perform?
Albertporter thanks for your response as well as others. I
think your choice of beverages is pretty much main stream
sounds reasonable. At least we have had an opportunity to
share this information and that we have put a different face
on audiophiles that we are basically human as well. Besides
should be refreshing that we are on a break and were not
having to talk audio or what gear should be recommended.

Elizabeth, I commend you and agree that one can be
responsble for their choices.
For me, more likely fresh ground "coffeefool" pure Kona distilled water non-bleached filter brewed through a Technivorm MoccaMaster coffee maker. (Just a brief plug) Going from a Krups to a Technivorm is the equivalent of going from a mid-fi receiver to a serious $5K pick-your-brand power amp.
Mucinex to de-snotify my head and, if I've chucked one-too-many bags at the airport, an Aleve.
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Albertporter thanks for your response as well as others.
Yes thanks to all. It's fun reading what each of us like beyond audio.

The guys (and girls) here in my area know each others preferences. I always keep candy, scotch, wine or whatever on hand to share while listening.

We laugh a lot too, which is good medicine and maybe as important to our health as the music.
Alcohol relaxes me, but music relaxes me even deeper. Why waste a good music session with alcohol.

Listening to my hifi is in itself pretty much the most self indulgent thing I do (the motorcycle is similar). It is NOT a social device unless you have audio geek friends who will sit quietly listening, and that's just awkward and has them all wrestling for the "sweet spot" leading to fist fights and carpet stains. I have a drinking problem in that I have trouble deciding what to drink...this is true...I need to join a drinking club or something (mentioned this to my doctor and he was not amused). I worked in bars far too long and enjoy (or am bored with) so many different items I get stuck...a current fave is a Bloody Maria using 100% agave tequila infused with habanero peppers. Good whisky, craft beers...blah blah. Note to Elizabeth: eating pot gets the mojo to your brain in an entirely different way than smoking...I can't remember the exact science but it amplifies the THC dramatically, although it's still non toxic by definition unlike nearly anything else you can imbibe.
I am very "health concious" I would say, but I enjoy a beer or wine once or twice a week maybe to help relax while listening. Not so much if done too frequently.

Some say drinking certain things regularly but in moderation is actually a healthy thing to do these days. I'll buy that.

Indulging in chemical tweaks should not be a requirement to enjoy anything including listening though its a very easy trap to fall into. Lots of sugar, junk calories and other things in there that are not good for your body in large amounts. I try to find a healthy balance somewhere as best I can.
I love this thread!, best one I have seen in a long time!, The first two hrs, I am straight, make sure all is well with the system, then its killans red beer, Bud ice on the cheap,I do not even know where to get the funny cigerettes no more at 46, LOL!
Mapman, I FULLY agree with cutting out the sugar and junk stuff, etc. A red wine or two (three) is a healthy thing IMO. You may even post more with a couple under your belt, and we'll enjoy em' just fine :)