Do You Hear Print-Through on Trinity Revisited?

Just got my vinyl copy of the Cowboy Junkies Trinity Revisited and immediately noticed something that I had not heard on the CD or DVD. On track one, side one, Mining for Gold, I'm pretty sure that I am hearing some print-though on Margo's vocals. Am I delusional or just hearing voices in the dark or do you hear it too?...
It may be pre-echo from the adjacent groove which is common enough on Vinyl and can happen when cutting masters for stamping (print-through is an issue with analog tapes and it can affect BOTH vinyl and digital if the effect has its roots on the Analog Master Tapes).
Could be, but I think that I am hearing both pre and post echoes; will listen again to see if that is correct...

Wondering if someone else has actually heard this?
Adjacent groove interference affects grooves both before and after, although it is generally only heard as pre-echo during a silent or very low volume groove. Is the delay equal to about 1.8 seconds, the timing of one LP revolution?
Not sure about the delay time; will check that out. I have heard print through on only a couple of my other records, for example on the Elvis' Golden Records Vol. 3 (which is a very good record btw) but I assumed that this was due to the old tapes.

Have you heard the Trinity Revisited album? The first cut is completely A cappella, only Margo singing 'Mining for Gold.' It's live of course and in the Trinity church with plenty of reverb and acoustic space.

I'd be curious to know if others have heard this on their rigs. I'm not sure how it was recorded in the Trinity Church; will look into that.

If recorded in a church with long acoustic delay that is perhaps what you are hearing as the POST-echo.
I have had this album since it was released, never heard it before. Until today. I hooked up a new TT and I thought I had cart issues. I would say its either print through or perhaps she has headphones on? To cue her cadence and pitch? Im just glad I googled the print through and found this thread, I thought I was going nutty.