Do you have ways to ease use of vinyl?

The reason for this post is to help some of the older guys here who recently said they gave up on vinyl because of its physical challenges. And at 66, I could not agree more. I used to have a two shelves rack for my turntable, which placed the top of the platter above knee height, at 25". To flip vinyl was either bend over and hurt my back, or doing it and one knee and hurt those.
Well, NO MORE.
Late last year I purchased a 4 shelves rack which puts the top of the platter at my belly button height, 40". Btw, I am of average height, 5'10".
What a difference! My back and knees will be forever thankful.
Here is another thing that greatly eased my vinyl experience.
I use an outer ring, center weight and brush my vinyl for each play. This was the process it entailed: Put on the center weight before brushing because I play my vinyl on a bare aluminum platter. Wait until the brushing was done before putting on the outer ring because I brushed the conventional way, finishing by dragging the brush outward to get rid of the dust. Once brushed, removed the center weight so I could install the outer ring and then reinstall the center weight and I finally could drop the needle. Ouf!
Now I put on the outer ring first, then brush the record taking the brush INWARD instead, leaving the minute dust on the label (and I found out it does a much better job of brushing since the brush moves in the direction of the grooves, inward). Once brushed, simply put on the center weight and drop the needle. Voila!
Easier ten fold.
Another important pointer, the center weight, brush AND OUTER RING must be near the TT and at the SAME HEIGHT. Your back will thank you.
Those changes took me over 50 years to figure out and they have literally made my listening to vinyl experience a dream instead of dreading to flip those vinyl. 
Please share any tip you may have to ease up the physical burden that some older folks here may have about using vinyl. Thanks.

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Now age 67 I have a rack that puts the platter just below my chin where I can easily see the stylus, a lift that gently lowers the stylus, tables that shim for VTA and no fiddly unipivot tonearm.  I set it and forget it for a year at a time now.  I’ve recently discovered that mm and mi cartridges bring classic rock to life, mc not so much.  Life is good.
Only 66 and you’re physically challenged? 66 isn’t old, that’s my age. I’ve some health issues but I’m as flexible as ever. Guess I should count my blessings. 
The Integrity Tru Lift has one serious flaw, it's lift bar is solid metal and slippery. The anti skating force can cause the tonearm to slide back off the lift bar and bounce on the record. You will have to do something like pad the upper surface of the bar with Velcro or something else that will keep the arm from slipping off. 
@mijostyn - I’ve never had any issues with the Tru lift other than forgetting to reset it after it lifts the arm from a record before I put another record on. Of course then it restricts the arm from moving and makes it skip. It happened once in a while when I first got it, but now that I’ve had it for a good while, it might happen once or twice a month when I forget what a great option I now have.

Maybe a unipivot arm could have this issue, but Regas use gimbal arms, which are much easier to use IMO.
My TT sits atop a 5” thick polished granite slab, on top of my downstairs stereo cabinet, the top of the TT cover is just higher than my chest (about even with my nipples) (I’m just under 6’ 1)

    It’s perfect, no bending, no tiptoe-ing, easy to dust the LPs’ before play, easy flipping/reading labels, etc etc. 
   the other TT sits at my desk (average sitting desk height) 
She is about just over waist height standing,..... when I use that TT to download to my computer, I’m sitting down using my computer,......when sitting down, it’s just about chest height also,..makes easy to flip, dust LPs’, etc. 
   this just happened the past oh,....8 years. Previously,  our old place we lived in, all I had was a 2 tier coffee table, TT was at or just above my knees, so the boss (wife) one year bought me one of those kneeling pads, some new fangled  space gel/gushy stuff to kneel on, as in order to flip, I had to get on my knees (keep your minds out the gutter ;). 
   Love playing the records, my only regret is late night listening, I tend to drift off leaving the TT spinning, 
    My only gripe of those Technics SL-1200’s, they don’t have a auto return/off function.    Never heard any degradation in sound or wear on the stylus from many years of this.