Do you have any concern for the environment when keeping your equipment 24/7 ?

Or firing up your big amps.
Please say no or not at all.
Or, you can go here:

It's a new AI program that will complete your thoughts, ideas and expressions using a built in algorithm. Here's how it dealt with my input (the first sentence is mine, the rest is the computer):

A functioning democracy requires vigilance and discipline. It protects citizens against a growing number of abuses of power, from abuse of the police to intimidation of activists and opponents."

However, while the new law is a step in the right direction, it still does not address many pressing issues. For example, we believe that the bill's emphasis on transparency, the freedom of the media, the separation of powers and accountability and transparency measures are important, but do not provide the answers to the most pressing problem facing the nation: how will Pakistan be able to create a functioning democracy when citizens cannot be assured of a fair and balanced election? In addition to taking steps to ensure a smooth parliamentary procedure, we hope that these new laws will enable greater transparency in governance as they provide a framework in which democratic processes can be established and sustained in time. We also urge the government to enact the same laws to further improve parliamentary democratic legitimacy, ensuring transparency and accountability in parliamentary politics, public interest organizations and the media and more effectively protecting human rights and freedom of expression.

The State of the Nation Statement is published every year during the year to highlight the progress made in the...

It's a much limited version of what it can do as there's justifiable fears that it will be abused.

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All audiophile problems can be discussed. Severely damaged environment - no audiophiles.
It's hard not to abuse power when you have it.
AI is a great threat to everything, and a tool to control people. Chinese are way ahead of others, and they are coming with their one China entire world approach.
I wrote this earlier and then decided not to post it.  But here it is, there is a National Geographic produced series on Netflix called "One Strange Rock", narrated by Will Smith, with further discussions by astronauts.  It truly is fascinating. Our Earth and humanity only exist because of a series of catastrophes.  Highly, highly recommended.  
"...especially around Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse."
Give them a break. They need it. Those are places with the most snow in the U.S.A. People need some insulation from weather.

By the way, just by chance, everyone I know from those three cities is very skinny.

"...humanity only exist because of a series of catastrophes."
Also known as.....births.