Do you have any concern for the environment when keeping your equipment 24/7 ?

Or firing up your big amps.
Please say no or not at all.
I wish the folks 1/4 mile away with the lawn fetishes would stop mowing their yards. The noise is insane. Like being chased by infernal angry hornets. Nice guys I'm sure. So many ways to hurt the environment.
@inna They need more births to fuel endless growth. After all, our 401ks depend on it.
Disunited states of America is one thing that might happen, in many ways it is already happening. Whatever they need, those slave owners descendends have little in common with upstate New York binge eaters.
"infernal angry hornets ". Well put. Terrifying..
According to the Iroquois Nation the main soulĀ  power line of planet earth runs directly through Syracuse . No joke .