Do you have any concern for the environment when keeping your equipment 24/7 ?

Or firing up your big amps.
Please say no or not at all.
@jetter Yup. Overpopulation is a big problem. Like trying to empty a leaking boat. 
In spite of inna's ridiculous "will of god" stance, an Ebola epidemic was stopped in Guinea and Liberia by some of the bravest people I've ever heard of...and they weren't acting on orders from an imagined deity. Ignorance and hapless women at the mercy of inane men in primitive societies ruled by equally inane religious knuckleheads is why population keeps expanding even in war torn places. What to do while Syria gets torn apart? Have 6 kids...unspeakable violence in El Salvador and Honduras...have some kids...insane, but there ya go. Millions will be displaced from rising water levels leading to some interesting times, but as long as I don't run out of tubes for my gear heap I should be just fine.
That 800,000 year record showing that CO2 levels were basically constant until we showed up may be a bit conservative because ice core samples only go so far back. Some data indicates it could be as long as 3,000,000 years that CO2 concentrations were somewhat stable until we upped the ante:

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Alabama and Georgia are not concerned about the overpopulation, or women for that matter. Nor is China, they abandoned their one child policy. It is thought that one third of the produced food in the world is wasted, that's incredible mismanagement.
Wherever you turn - you don't want to see it, gods or not.
Most of the food in the world is consumed by women and men and children in upstate New York, especially around Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse. Has no one heard the term Buffarillo?