Do you have a SONOS ? If so, i need help please.

Hi readers or curious minds,

I was wondering if you can help me in regards to SONOS which is very popular at the moment due to online music streaming. OK, i would like to know this for the SONOS component called CONNECT which connects to your existing A/V home theater system and your Home network. You also have the option to buy BRIDGE for wireless and REMOTE to control it. My question is i have LOSSLESS Files stored on my computer but i noticed it supports FLAC, WAV, AIFF, ALAC, and other lossy formats as well online radio. What i was wodering does it play higher resolution like 24/48 or 24/96 and 24/192? Any suggestions?

I do see on the SONOS CONNECT it has digital outputs i could use digital cable to bypass D/A chip and use an external DAC but i am curious knowing that computer is being feed on the SONOS first. I am not sure if external DAC will do its job since it has to be process first with SONOS? Any suggestions? Or by experience do you happen to know what works and what will not work?

Thank you in advance,
Hi, I've got a Sonos system in three rooms. Love it! In my main music system, i have the connect running thru a wyred4sound Dac2. Big improvement. You need a bridge and a connect. The bridge connects hard wired to your router. It's the bridge that sends the wireless signal to your connect. They sometimes bundle the bridge with connects, so l look around.
Max resolution is 16/44. It is still pretty awesome, and incredibly easy to set up and use.
i tried sonos straight to Thor preamp and used Marantz sa-8004 as dac. DAC route sounds much better. I am very happy with it...especially convenience.
The bridge has another use, beyond allowing the requisite hard wire to the router. If any Sonos component is too far from its nearest neighbor to allow solid wireless interface, a bridge can be used to "bridge" the gap. This is particularly useful if your home is already wired for a traditional centralized distribution amp. You just stack your Sonos zone players where the distribution amp was and connect them to the pre-wired in wall speakers. Hand controllers can live in every room and strategically placed bridges will allow the controllers to speak to the central stack of zone players, even if they are far apart.