Do you have a secret "guilty pleasure" recording?

You know...a recording that you would never play for anyone else because you are afraid they would think your nuts and snicker. I'll go ahead and admit mine - "The Carpenters Greatest Hits." Now stop that! I bet you have a guilty pleasure recording. What is it?
ASIA, the 2 first albums are the very best the utterly dull 80´s produced. In everything. John Wetton is a genius. And Carl Palmer rock´s best drummer, still is. Period.
I love ABBA! Great songs, singing, and production. Agnetha's solo albums are swell too. She does a killer version of Jackie DeShannon's "When You Walk In The Room". Pure Pop pleasure!
Schmaltz of the highest order and I cannot stand that or the crooner genre.

"I Love You Always Forever" by Donna Lewis. Man, I do take some punches on the chin whenever I play it. But it's good schmaltz well recorded--which schmaltz usually is.