Do you have a "Music" Friend?

I don't mean a friend who you B.S. about audio equipment with, but someone that will sit down and do some 'serious' listening with you. You and they pick an artist or specific album or two (varied genres even), and just sit and listen. Basically someone who knows when to just shut up and just listen to the music? I've had a few friends like that in the past, but not one of my current friends know how to just sit and listen for even 20 minutes. It's always background music or just one favorite  song they like. My wife for instance lasts about 1 song before bringing up something she saw at HomeGoods. Is this a lost concept or am I just not hanging out with the right people? 

I had a few musical friends stop over a few times a month for a few hours of listening and cappuccinos. We usually took a lunch break for nearby Indian, Chinese or Brazilian buffet and would return for more music. I would play different types of music, something to please everyone.
That was pre Covid hoping to get back to it soon.
Recently met a new music friend. Have had two get-togethers. Similar musical tastes. Enjoyable.
No. Not when it comes to serious listening. My wife will occasionally be in the room when I’m seriously listening but she is usually reading and barely listening.

We enjoy listening to music together but not in the audiophile sense. Music is playing most of the time at my house. Usually when it is playing on my secondary system or Sonos it is lighter stuff that my wife likes.

In college my roommate and I had similar tastes. He had an extremely nice system for a college student. We listened. We discussed. We collected. We obsessed about and dubbed cassette tapes on his Nakamichi. It was enjoyable.

I would not say that I miss not having a serious listening friend but at the same time it would be nice to have one.

All my neighbor's. They enjoy some of the world's best music. Whether they want to or not.