Do you have a dedicated listening room?

Is your system in a room by itself or do you have to make compromises with other things in the room?

How have you compromised with things you have to keep in the same room? Right now I use a basement room for my listening room. 75% of the room is just for the system, but behind and to the right of my listening chair is a weight bench and some other work-out gear. I don't think it affects the sound very much, but...
I've got a small dedicated room in the basement. Smaller than I'd like but it isolates the room from my wife's "stuff". Problem is her habits are rubbing off on me and I tend to collect "stuff" in the room! I just cleaned out some of it, we'll see how long that lasts!
I wish!

Still having to share it with the Living Room. My equipment, both stereo and HT, dominate it, but still, it is the main entertainment room in the house, as it has the nice leather furniture, bookcases, and media storage. However, ever thing is out of the way of the speakers, except for the coffee table, which I tend to move whenever I do serious listening. (It has actually been sitting off to the side for the last month. I guess my wife is just used to it there now.)

Our little girl, age 3, loves my big screen so much, that she refuses to watch her movies on her TV. I don't mind sharing the room, I just wish I had two rooms, one for the stereo and one for the HT.

Oh well, at least the wife hasn't divorced me for spending tens of thousands of dollars on the new equipment in the last three years.
I almost had a dedicated room built 5 years ago. The uncertain job market stopped me. I guess I'm stuck forever with a truly awful living room with flexing floors and plenty of slap echo. I'd take a basement with a weight bench any day. The listening room continues to be one of those unattainable components for me.
Yes, built it about twenty years ago. Not the ideal room, but it will have to do until something better comes along... with apologies to the great lyricist who penned those words.
No dedicated room and how it sounds as good as it does amazes me. The few times I've moved everything out of the way for a totally unobstructed listening session haven't yielded day & night results, so for now I can live with it.

It was a prerequisite when buying my last home..
Here is the link... everything from the flooring to the
insulation in the ceiling as well as the wiring was done with audio in mind..
Well, the fact that I own an audio company helps justifying
the cost!
here is the link for the room and system
It is definately a worthwhile investment if you do alot of listening!
Happy listening!
Custom Audio LLC
I have a dedicated listening room which i dont use yet.

Nrchy, you know what happened.

I recently decided to buy the house im renting, we dont spend much time in the basement, and it is of a moderate size. So where the bitchin HT i sold was set is where my "Dedicated Audio room" will be.
It will be a mix of 2 ch and HT. gotta use the projector, i dont want anything between my 2ch speakers.

im thinking of building it up to resemble your typical low ceiling smokey jazz bar.

that will rock.
I have a dedicated listening room that is also dedicated to DirecTVing, TIVOing, sleeping, computing, and well...
I have a dedicated HT/listening room. The room measures 20x16 with 12' ceilings. 48 custom sound treatment panels on the walls (thanks to RIVES for the info). The equipment is housed in a custom cabinet built into the wall with access to the rear from a storage area. Nothing between the main speakers but a center channel sitting on a small stand. All the walls are insulated with a "floating" layer of drywall behind the accoustic panels. The room is decorated to look like a theater. The sound of the room is so amazing in two channel that when I have people over they swear that the surround sound is on. I have to prove to them that it's not by turning off all the amps but the main amp. System is used mainly for two channel.

Equipment (I really need to post this so I don't have to type it any more)

Philips 963SA DVD (modded)
SF iris transport
Anthem AVM20
Aragon 8008BB (L&R fronts)
SARS amplifier (center - bi-amp, bi-wire)
Outlaw Audio/NAD M200 Mono's (rears)
Comcast HDTV cable box
Sony Tivo
Panasonic Tu300L HD projector
Da-lite Da-mat 92" screen
B&W N805Sigs on custom Amboyna Burl stands (mains)
B&G center channel(ribbon tweeter)
Magnapan MMS Surrounds (motorized to swing out into position when surround is on)
Cardas Golden Cross balanced and SE interconnects.
Cardas Golden Cross speaker cables
Custom Cardas video interconnects
Cheif projector mount
Dedicated 20 amp service
Surge supression in the panel
Monster power conditioning
Virtual dynamics and Cardas power cords
Custom ventilation system for equipment
Motorized blackout shade/window treatment on the only window (required by fire code)
Carpeted floor that "floats" (room is located above the garage)
Xantech IR repeator system
Crestron color & Harmony "smart" remotes

Future plans: Better seating and a theater marque outside the entrance to the room.
getus some pictures!!
sounds nice.
My first system was in the living room because I was single.The whole house was dedicated.Then I got married and bought my second house and agreed the equipment in the living room was unsightly, so I commadiered one of the three bedrooms.Now in my third house and watching more animated movies with my five year old than I care to mention my system has settled into its third and hopefully last move.With a seven foot wide screen and enough custom gear and acoustic treatments this room crushes.Nothing is prettied up,all the treatment hang as they will and tube traps and amps are proudly out to see and all painted multiple shades of gray.....I am in love with this room.My one wish is that every person who flips out through a Lord of the Rings epic or an evening with Nemo goes home to a wife like mine and says its time we get one of those.And I get to install it!!!!!

I was wondering what you meant by "Carpeted floor that "floats" (room is located above the garage)" . . .

I have a similar room that I am converting to a sound room. How did you do the floating? I am thinking of taking some resilient foam roll stock (used for hardwood floors), putting it on top of my existing plywood, then putting a second layer of plywood on top. Is this similar to your setup?

thanks, Bill