Do You Have 10cc's 'The Original Soundtrack'

Anyone listened to the Japanese Import of 10cc's 'The Original Soundtrack'? I really like this album and have the 1975 Mecury pressing but it is getting a little worn...

The last couple of Japanese imports that I purchased were a little disappointing...


The Original Soundtrack
Japanese Import - Limited Edition

10 CC
Label: Universal Records (Japan)
Genre: Rock
Product No.: AUNJ 9041
Availability: In Stock
Format: 200 Gram Vinyl LP
I don't but I always use some of their songs such as "I'm not in Love" to test for sibilance." I hear huge differences between amps on this song. A Krell will absolutely shred your ears while a McIntosh will cruise right through it.
I've got the Mercury # SRM-1-1029. Bought it for a buck at the local record store years ago. It's in great shape although the album cover shows some wear and has an X drawn in a corner in blue ink. Has the liner note insert with the words as well. Great songs. Have not heard any other offering of this album. Also have the "Bloody Tourists" and "Deceptive Bends".
this pessing is great