Do you guys like Adele's music?

Do you guys like Adele's music? 
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@jbhiller, you're right about Imelda May's album, Life Love Flesh Blood (deluxe ed). Seems to be a real progression on her previous work. Gorgeous beautifully smooth sound - close miked vocals and suberb playing throughout.

Memorable closing track too but when an album sounds this good organically you don't need to single any tracks out.

Decent lyrics too. 

* Now I just have to tell the audiophile in me not to wonder too much what the vinyl version might sound like.

A re-make of Chrissie Hynde?
I like her music because I think her voice is beautiful and emotional. Her lyrics killed my heart and will kill yours too. 

Adele can't sing. Also, how much longer must we endure Taylor Swift? And then there's Autotune....
No, fwiw, just my opinion. Know lots of folks who love her voice.