Do you ground your bearing?

I recently began to ground the bearing on my table (well...I recently *securely* attached a ground wire to the bearing) and I've noticed much less noise (leading me to believe much of the "rice krispies" I've experienced had nothing to do with the condition / cleanliness of the vinyl.

I've not seen much discussion about this before, and I'd suspect most tables don't make this a logistically simple task. But it's easy with Teres and Galibier bearings.
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My Basis is, yes!
My Michell is grounded, and came that way. I once tried grounding a VPI Aries but it didn't make much difference as I recall. Maybe yours is an unusual case...
I earth ground the bearing on my Basis Debut turntable. Noticeable improvement.
Oracles come with a ground and I always hook it up.
Basis claims it helps reduce static. I've never tried it without the ground.
If the bearing in your turntable isn't grounded, you are missing a bet. If the bearing isn't grounded, it and the platter can generate a small amount of electricity as it spins past the magnetic field of the cartridge.
Good idea for static only if you need it.
I did add a ground wire from the bearing on my TNT to the grounded SAMA. I was getting wicked shocks during the winter that have all but gone away. Worth wile 50 cent tweak.
I include a ground wire on my terpolymer subchassis for the AR turntables...important detail.