Do you find that different cable manufacturers do certain types of cables better?

Hi All,

Most if not all cable manufacturers offer the gamut. Power, IC's, speaker cables, etc. Do you find that some actually specialize in a certain type? For example when it comes to IC's and speaker cables I find Transparent to be the best I have experienced. However I don't love their power cables. I think Shunyata power cables are much better. Kimber Kable I loved their speaker cables but I didn't like their IC's or power cables...For a long time I felt like system synergy was important. Pick the one manufacturer and stick with that throughout. But I have since changed my thoughts on that. For power cables I won't use anything except Shunyata but for speaker and IC's all Transparent...


Any of you have similar experiences/thoughts? Do certain manufacturers actually specialize in say speaker cables over power cables?


I guess, but I've loved all the Kimber's I tried. For the $$, nothing can compare. Great detail and that transfers into accuracy in my book. Silver is the best, then silver plated copper. Sound is so subjective and equipment differs.