Do you ever miss vintage gear you no longer have?

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Sure, I had managed to pick-up two Yamaha CA-1000 amps at an estate sale in 2008 or thereabouts for less than $100cdn.  After using one for a few years and really liking the class A circuit, I decided to keep it, but I needed to streamline my collection so I sold one for $300usd.  A separation and downsizing that followed necessitated further selling in 2015 and so with a few other pieces (Marantz 22xx receiver, Thorens TD166) I sold the other CA-1000 for less than $500usd. Those Yamaha amps sound awesome and like the Marantz receivers I've watched their value continue to increase year after year.  Once the dust settled and I could start adding to my collection again, I located a CA-800ii for a reasonable price, it's close but not quite up to the 1000.  Ive made my peace however with the current market of not likely ever owning another one or another Marantz 22xx receiver.  The rare Fisher TA-600 receiver (not to be confused with the solid-state 600t) has been given pride of place in my main system and it likely will remain there for the foreseeable future.
I miss my Eico ST-70 integrated. Not that I have a system that it would fit in with anymore, but that was one sweet sounding integrated.
The Klipsch Forte' speakers I had in the late 80's are what I miss.  I recently moved off grid. My old system in the city will be liquidated and I pretty darn sure I'll be getting another pair of Forte's soon. 
I've never regretted a single piece I've sold. I've kept enough vintage pieces to build at least three full systems, the pieces I liked I've kept. I still have the first high end piece ever purchased back in 1973 or so, Sony STR 7045 receiver. If I have good memories attached to particular pieces they don't go away.