Do you ever do this before you listen?

Hello everyone. I was at an audio store today with a friend that was auditioning a pair of speakers and the salesman told us to clear our ears by pinching the nose then blowing through your nose to make the ears pop (clearing them). I have to admit the music sounded  so much better lol. It makes perfect sense why you would want to do this, but I had just never thought of it. So I thought I would see who else is doing this, and maybe discover some other new tricks. SO what strange things do you do routinely before a listing session? (I know thats a loaded question to ask of this group)
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I take my glasses off, as well.
Yep, most times at least once during listening; especially if I think things aren't right.Takes the ears out of the equation, at least for me.
I do that when I’m in a plane and the cabin pressure starts building as it starts descending. 

I have done it before for various reasons. Flying, colds etc. just never thought to do it before listening to my system. Makes perfect sense tho.