Do you ever do this before you listen?

Hello everyone. I was at an audio store today with a friend that was auditioning a pair of speakers and the salesman told us to clear our ears by pinching the nose then blowing through your nose to make the ears pop (clearing them). I have to admit the music sounded  so much better lol. It makes perfect sense why you would want to do this, but I had just never thought of it. So I thought I would see who else is doing this, and maybe discover some other new tricks. SO what strange things do you do routinely before a listing session? (I know thats a loaded question to ask of this group)
I don’t do it as you can perforate it and that would ruin this whole hobby in 1 fell swoop
It’s called equalizing. This opens the eustacian tubes so that the pressure in the inner ear is equal to the atmospheric pressure outside, and therefore there is no pressure differential across the eardrum. This is the same technique used in scuba diving to avoid a “squeeze”. The eardrum will be in a neutral position and best able to transmit sound through the inner ear bones to the cochlea, where the sonic vibrations are converted to nerve inpulses through specialized hair cells and transmitted to the auditory cortex via cranial nerve VIII.
Especially after a skydive(well...from.anything over 13.5K).
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I take my glasses off, as well.