Do you ever do this before you listen?

Hello everyone. I was at an audio store today with a friend that was auditioning a pair of speakers and the salesman told us to clear our ears by pinching the nose then blowing through your nose to make the ears pop (clearing them). I have to admit the music sounded  so much better lol. It makes perfect sense why you would want to do this, but I had just never thought of it. So I thought I would see who else is doing this, and maybe discover some other new tricks. SO what strange things do you do routinely before a listing session? (I know thats a loaded question to ask of this group)
I do it sometimes, especially when my sinuses act up. Sometimes I do it to ascertain if I hearing something correctly as ears can be a funny thing and slowly plug up without one being aware of it. 

Doing it always seems to improve things but sometimes my ears immediately return to the previous state. Either way, it shows just how we all hear differently due to myriad reasons.

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Yes, do it before I listen and again as necessary while listening due to sinus issues.

"ears can be a funny thing and slowly plug up without one being aware of it."

Thats the thing. I had no idea that they were even clogged. I never even think about them being clogged unless i have a cold etc.. but when I cleared them the music revealed itself in an incredible way.  Just have make sure I don't  clear them with two much pressure or my eyes might pop out lol. Then what :) JK.. Now that Im aware I will gently clear them from time to time from now on when listening to music for sure. 
I don’t do it as you can perforate it and that would ruin this whole hobby in 1 fell swoop