Do you enjoy the sound at your local Theater Plex?

Can you tell what kind of audio system is used? Is it "audiophile" sound quality?
We saw Interstellar at an iMax theater last week. Wow -- possibly the greatest cinema experience I've ever had. Not necessarily a great movie, but damn, what a trip on the super big screen. Didn't seem too loud either.
The movie in question was Minority Report which in itself was ok.

I have no desire to see creatures fly through the air in all directions, morph from on thing to the other, blood and guts everywhere, and explosions every two seconds. So just count me out.
Most of the cinemas I'm familiar with use entry level professional QSC amps... the RMX series. Entry level QSC amps are very reliable and cheap. As far as sound goes in the movie theaters.. everything always sounds clean to me, but their speakers never seem to disappear like my speakers do in my audio room. Anyway, I don't let that loud shit distract me from enjoying the movie... I actually kind of like it. BTW, I thought Interstellar was a really good movie.. I actually enjoyed it immensely!
Drubin - I wish I had been to your IMAX! I thought the visuals were great at the IMAX in Westminster, CO, but the LFE channel was turned up so loud I could not hear the dialog. There are several posts on the web about it, so it wasn't just my aging, rock-abused ears. Even my wife, who has radar-ears said the same thing. Also the movie could have used tighter editing, it was at least 15 minutes too long. Just my $0.02, YMMV.