Do you drink when you listen?

I love to have a drink when I listen to the music. It helps me to concentrate well. I love Black Label Whiskey or Courvosier. A good import beer preferably belgium will also do.
I find that liquor dulls my sence of the musical impact and emotions. Good "smoke" on the other hand, and I become part of the music, in body and soul! No matter what your preference...Happy Tunes!
A good glass of 20 years old tawny port does it for me especially on Sunday nights. Cheers!
In moderation, I like a really good single malt Scotch, particularly when I'm settling in for a long evening of listening (evenings when my wife is out erranding or doing something with one of her friends). I belong to the Scotch Malt Whiskey Society, which offers superb limited edition bottlings to its members. If there are any Scotch drinkers out there would like to know more about the Society, drop me a note and I'll tell you now to join.
hehe, what would rock be without drugs?
Keeping it to liquids, I tend to go for a gin martini, sometimes port (what? I said port!), ice cold vodka, or rum (neat).
I used to make Margaritas, Daquiries, and Mojitos, but I've become lazy(lazier).
Once in a long while I'll light up a cigar. I like to keep a couple boxes of Cubans around. Oh, and a bit of espresso goes along nicely too!
Can be very relaxing.

I dig an Irish coffee, or St. Bernards and cocoa sometimes. Merlots occasionally. Mister Big is Bud Good.

I rarely drink alone. I mostly lisen to music alone. But... when I have a drinking/eating/music friend over after dinner and wine there are three three-liter bottles of Armagnac; 1947, 1953, 1965 which have a really bad habit of making the music rock more and become quieter. So, we just have to adjust the sound level to make it right.

It's really great my children sleep soundly. Or, they're kind enough to ignore me.

Bill E.
hmmm... some music can make me hi without drugs such as Can, Peter Hammill, Roedelius, Material... and blend it a bit with drink brings to me a very pleasant flavour.
Only on weekend evenings. Usually a beer(brand varies),a martini( vodka or gin) and glass of water, simultaneously. One variance is that the martini is replaced by whisky sour or rum and coke, etc. I agree sometime it dulls senses, err hearing, buy I enjoy all the same
A beer or two but as mentioned above there is nothing like good smoke. It enhances the music better then any component can.
Has anyone ever noticed their hearing ability changes with weed? I've "heard" that it really improves hearing acuity. Like one can hear more details than normal. It's something that's been experienced on many occasions, and more than just music. I swear one can hear the individual cylinder firings of a car engine while idling (800rpm, so very rapid firiings...usually all blends together). I know I am not imagining this. Let me know if others have ever experienced similar things?
Hi Ed sawer, I do not smoke pot or drink anymore. It got the best of me. But I believe you are right. I would smoke pot before doing any evaluating of equipment. I seemed to focus better. Who knows, maybe I was fooling myself. I do believe I was able to concentrate better when stoned. Now I let the music stone me.
Bourbon, served neat- this week I have Evan Williams 18 in the decanter, very enjoyable. I used to be into Martini's but then they became more important to me then the music, so they had to go. I find most all lagers to be insipid, but I enjoy a good Ale sometimes for critical drinking when I am critically listening(once a month tops) there are some good brewing companies out here that make good home stout, etc and I enjoy that most times. But the rest of the time I stick to my bouron! A.H Hersch, Baisel Haiden, Eliajha Craig, Bookers tend to be my favorite companions when listening :)

Where is winoguy? I am sure he has some favorites to share with us
The, ahem, rumor is that pot let's you focus more on whatever you're doing, so if you're getting into misc, well it might, ahem, make a difference. In particular with Classic Rock. What's the rumor, anyway...

Now, that'd be a great thread: Drugs and Music (wheter it's alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, or others). I think it'd have to be anonymous, though!

Pot excites the part of the brain that controls senses. Thats why you hear and see more. That is also why you get burnt out when you over do it. Those parts of the brain get worn out.

I think it also removes the desentisization you get from experiencing the same sensation over and over and lets you hear, see and feel things like it was for the first time.
We're all bearing our souls . . . but in 1970, when I returned to the world from Viet Nam, a friend introduced me to hashish and Carlos Santana at the same time. I'll never forget "Evil Ways." The music took on a whole new dimension. I wish doctors could prescribe clinical marijuana for those of us suffering from chronic audiophilia. Certainly cheaper than a whole new system and much more effective. JH
Pass to the left folks...I find this thread VERY amusing, here I thought you guys listened to long haired music in the sweet spot. The idea of quality audio is to try to re-create a live event. I attend plenty of live rock shows and the air quality is very "high", so by extension *draws a lungful*
If we ever get rational drug laws, we can expect "audiophile quality" stimulants to be a big, big seller!

Though no my cup of tea, I think Killerpiglet is onto something, "gold panama red mkII, is far smoother sounding in the upper midrange then the silver panama red mkII, well worth the upgrade IMO". I can only imagine how out of hand it would get, there would need to be another catagory here Amps/preamps, digital, Speakers, Pot, Analog, cabels, etc...I can see it now! Though it may attract the wrong crowd.

I'll stick to my bourbon, never could smoke anything any ways, just didn't work, dunno why?
All of this information has been duly noted and recorded. The appropriate officials have been notified : )

I don't "highten my senses" with anything during normal listening sessions at home. That is, unless Pepsi or 7UP count. My problem is that I probably had 10X too much "fun" back in my youth and it is no longer "exciting". Either i'm getting old and boring or i'm already "brain-dead" and there's nothing left to stimulate. Some of my friends might tell you that Jim Morrison had nothin' on me "back in the day".

Live events still bring out the "party animal" in me though. I'll "join in the fun", one way or the other. If drinking beer, i typically enjoy European brews. Most American beer tastes like swill to me. There are exceptions though. Gin & tonics, Screwdrivers, etc... have all found a way into my belly before. Typically in mass quantity and i do mean MASS.

As to drinking tea, i make my own from natural herbs. There is nothing like some Lobelia tea flavored with cinnamon and a dab of honey to mellow you out. You have to be careful though, as Lobelia is toxic when ingested in quantity or on a regular basis. For the record, this stuff IS legal and can be found at any health food / herbal supply house. Sean
Hi Sean, "back in the day" I bet you coludn't have kept up with me, let alone Morrison. Just having some fun.
Peace bro V.
From someone who has been"experienced",Pot will be legal someday. Look at all the crime( if you can call selling pot a crime)that will be elimnated. Think of all those hoodlums that will have to go to work.Our prison population would drop in half. I personally believe there are much higher priorities than putting some guy in jail for 6 months for selling an once of weed.Look at the taxes the state and feds. could levy on it. Kids could maybe learn something in school other how to fund raise! From the late 70's, from when I tried my first hit of pot, I've constantly wandered why liquor is legal and pot is not. I've gotten myself in much more trouble drunk, than I've ever gotten into high. I can operate a car or heavey machinery when high,try doing either of those while drunk.Tobacco Co's. have been getting away with drug sells for yrs.I understand that people would misuse this freedom, but they're going to do it anyway, so why not legalize and make the States and Government money with it, not to mention make the pot dealer have to find a new job.People would learn how to, and when to smoke there pot. Just like some people eventually grow up and get responsible on there drinking ( knowing when and how much).And the people who don't get responsible,are the same people who would not anyway. And one more thought, this country has for the last 20 yrs. been so concerned with the war on drugs, being politically correct, and not addressing real issues, that terrorism(a real problem by the way)has crept in while our goverment has been chasing some guy selling an once or two of pot. That people are going to find a way to get any how.We live in a country where you will get a ticket for not wearing a seat belt, but yet can talked on a cell phone while driving.Hmm, just my 2 cents!By the way if my spelling and grammer is incorrect we can just blame it on the pot!
They say dont go to the grocery store when you are high. I say dont go to the record store! At least untill you find some gum or Halls cough drops! Hey Philefreak, when did this become a political discussion?(I agree with every word)... uh what was the question?... Oh shit my shirt is on fire!
I find that I talk when I drink....wait... I am off topic...The answer is usually a glass o wine does nicely...
In response to the original question: yes sometimes. I prefer beer, only 2-4 at any one time. I also agree with those on this topic that condone herb. Being a Liberterian, I totally agree with Philefreak. The illegality of pot is a waste of taxpayer money. Legalization could bring a great deal of $ to the government through regulation and taxation, not to mention the savings by not making criminals out of pot smokers.
Hi Tim,youre right, I do have a fondness for liquidity in my music. I suppose I would have to say these are my preferred ways of achieving it , in order:
1.a nice California cabernet
2. good port
3.scotch ( J.W. Black or Oban)
However, I refuse to be limited , and have also enjoyed many martinis, chardonnay, rieslings...
Keep you hand where we can see them. Alright, you, against the wall. Well, what's this we have here???

It's not mine, I swear!
Philefreak, I don't think it is possible to "misuse this freedom" or any other, as long as your actions do not harm others.
I've never seen people smoke pot and get into a fight, I have seen plenty of drunks go at it though! I doubt pot is even listed as a "domestic violence" issue, again, compare to alcohol.

The War on Drugs has become a vehicle for the government to slowly eat away at our personal freedoms, trampling Fourth Amendment protections. I mean, even calling a War? Who is the government fighting? It's own citizens?

Someone can go to jail for 20 years for possession of pot. Yet, we routinely release violent criminals because of over crowding or because so many violent crimes carry much lighter sentences. That is absolutely warped, disgusting, and perverted.

KP, I think the reason for non violence is that they forget what they were arguing about and move on :)aj
Well, I tried to join the Scotch Malt Whiskey Society w/ sdcampbell but couldn't make the cut. I joined the local Old Milwaukee Club instead. No limited edition stuff but we get volume discounts on cans. Not bad either if anyone is interested.... Have you ever noticed how bright your speakers sound if you get 20-30 folks in you listening room drinking from aluminumn cans? We've taken to using those foam can holders from walmart... really good results.

Sincerely, I remain
Well, I tried to join the Scotch Malt Whiskey Society w/ sdcampbell but couldn't make the cut. I joined the local Old Milwaukee Club instead. No limited edition stuff but we get volume discounts on cans. Not bad either if anyone is interested.... Have you ever noticed how bright your speakers sound if you get 20-30 folks in you listening room drinking from aluminumn cans? We've taken to using those foam can holders from walmart... really good results.

Sincerely, I remain
Absolutly enjoy drinks while listening - sometimes in fact I enjoy ABSOLUT or Vox Vodka - hey tireguy Booker's is the best bourbon in the world, arguably anyway, Booker Noe is Jim Beam's grandson - the Beam family have been making bourbon for 207 years! Try Knob Creek sometime - makes an outstanding manhattan :)
Clueless, you need Can-a-pods (tm) Can Dampers, or you have to get your guest to stack granite on top of their cans.

Hey, Clueless -- just use my name as a reference if you still want to join the Society. Hell, we admit anybody as long as they have the money (grin). 4 readers have contacted me to get the info on how to join the Society, so I decided to post it here for anyone who is interested.

As you will see if you access their Web site, there is a membership fee, but the initial fee includes an introductory 750 ml bottle of whisky. I have found the bottlings offered by the Society to be extraordinary. And, if you ever get to Edinburgh, Scotland, the Society has its own small hotel for members which includes a private bar with REALLY special Scotch whisky.

In addition to offering limited edition bottlings, the Society also sponsors "tasting" evenings annually throughout the U.S. I attended the one in Seattle two years ago and had a terrific evening.

The U.S. office for the Society is located in Sunrise, Florida. Here is the contact info:
Web address:
Phone: 1-800-990-1991
FAX: 954-749-2257

Best regards to all -- Scott C.
A glass of wine - MUST be RED! It can really add to the mood and experience. Diana Krall never sounded SO good (as she does after a glass or two) :) ...Give me a Shiraz or Shiraz/Cab - thanks. ...The Aussie's have gotten really good at producing some quality vintages.

Anyone ever tried Absinthe? ...Not that anyone would want the after effects, but it sort of bridges the gap between smoke and drink.

Here in Toronto Absinthe is supposedly legal and available (again) – in very diluted form through the LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario). This stuff (at full strength) is supposed to give a hallucinogenic buzz (Served warm - poured over sugar cubes) …BUT it’s also supposed to kick like a mule the next day - credited with a guaranteed hangover from hell. …Still interested? …this is the stuff Vincent Van Goh was supposed to have been drinking when he cut his ear off.

As for Pot, yeah its good, but I hate what smoking does to my lungs. ...Ever try aerobic activity after an 'indulgence'? I always wonder what in the hell I was thinking when the fattie was passed my way.

I’m also in agreement with the statements about pot & legality. …But if you were Anheizer-Bush or Phillip Morris you’d lobby against pot too – who do you think funds the ‘War on drugs”? …Think of the revenue losses the Alcohol and Tobacco industries would lose if pot were legal. You can grow pot at home – but a still, beer , or wine… now that takes a little more effort.

Awdeeofyle, I share the same theory as you stated. The tobacco and alcohol industries want to continue their monopolies as the only legal 'stimulants'.
Certainly, if drugs were legal/illigal based solely on 'public safety' issues, these two killers would be out of business.

Awdeeofyle- Agreed that Absinth is weird stuff, try Ricard or Pernod-the later being my favorite liquer, gives a buz unlike any other booze I've ever drank, I can only imagine what absinth did to those who crossed its path. I love ordering a Pernod and Cranberry draws some unusual looks from those tending the bar, but a super drink.

I just heard this, though of this thread...

Oh it's Bandstand, Disneyland, growing up fast
Drinking on a fake ID
And rama of the jungle was everyone's bawana
But only jazz musicians were smokin' marijuana

-Jimmy Buffet
Whatjd-How about all three at the same time? I am talented I can multi-task :) If one can actually call any of those three a "task" more like multi-pleasure-Hey I think I have the idea for my next film!
I want a new pair of speakers so its time to work again, thanks for asking aj!
Its a good thing I gave up drinking/drugs 11 years ago.I use to blow speakers up.I could NEVER get enough volume when buzzed.Good thing back then they were junk Fisher or JBL speakers.
Now I relax with a Pepsi...I still like loud music but not blow up loud!
Tireguy....all three at the same time are the BEST!...but one time,...some time back.,...while doing all three, I also sneezed,.. The rest is medical history.