Do you cover your towers?

Whenever I am away or don't listen to music my towers are covered with a light blanket. My loudspeakers do not have grills. I like to prevent crap from landing on them and this seems to work.

Does anyone else do this? Do I need to do this at all?
I keep my grills off. But never thought of covering them. I guess thatsince the drivers are mostly vertical, unless you have Theil or simular. The small amount of dust that accumulates on them would vibrate off whne playing. Also I have a sheep wool duster that I dust the with as well. I guess covering them might save the sunlight from doing any damage if they are in direct sunlight. Interesting idea.
I cover mine with blankets whenever I'm not using them. I do this mainly to keep sunlight off the drivers. My listening room gets a lot of sun.
Not a bad idea for me, especially this time of the year. I don't get any direct sunlight but I get a ton of indirect off the snow.
Is it April 1st already? Undoubtably speakers that have been blanket covered will give a warmer sound.
Like chicken soup"It couldn't hurt"I think protecting ones gear keeps it attractive and the resale value's will be higher.
Undoubtably speakers that have been blanket covered will give a warmer sound.
That explains what I've been hearing! I thought it was the cables I just bought. doh! I wonder if an electric blanket would help even more?
I guess it would make some sense if you were away, but when at home, If I were you, I would consider getting grills as protection for your speaker drivers and for aesthetic reasons also. Having blankets draped over my speakers would make for a less than desirable appearance in my den and that would piss my wife off, and honestly, I wouldn't like it either.