Do you consider cables to be a "component" of your system?

Meaning, do you think that cabling (AC/InterConnects/SpeakerWire) should be considered a component that is integral to your system?

I have probably as much money in cabling and fuses as I do in most of my components (if not more).

Please, please, PLEASE don't tell me that cables don't make a difference. I disagree and there's nothing you can say or do that will change my mind, so save it for another thread, please.

I just wondered if you had to recommend a set up to someone (who wanted a nice stereo), would you consider cabling to be essential in your build price and your recommendations? If so, would you consider the cost of the cables to be on par with the cost of a component?




Absolutely yes! This weekend a friend dug out an old system from his garage which sounded very ordinary with some budget speaker cable and interconnects. In passing he told me he was about buy a new amp to drive the speakers. I pottered over there with some old Cardas and no name speaker cables and saved him 2k! Everyone was a winner. As an aside I feel quite sorry for people who can't hear the difference in cabling or are so tired of life that they no longer feel the thrill of the chase. It is amusing that these types resort to irrelevant measurement arguments. I ask you has science ever provided a decent argument for consiousness?

@larry5729, my power cord go winh Luxman M800u when manufactor sale to me is Luxman PJA 15000 power cord. It cost 200000 JPY (Around Usd180). When i replace it  by a Analysis Plus Power Oval 2 (cost around  Usd 400) I don't hear a difference.

I don't think all the stock power cord are bad.

All the best!