Do you build anything for your high fidelity system? If so, what do you make?

After some self assessment and introspection on my own high fidelity habits I discovered that I build or make things for my stereo/audio room. Some examples of these things are;

1 Tore out carpeting/padding/floor tiles in the addition to my house (audio room) and painted the cement floor with epoxy paint and clear coat. Placed out a Turkish area rug.

2 Made cherry wood speaker stands on wheels.

3 Had made custom speaker covers and stereo stand covers for when I am not listening to audio to keep away dust. Thanks to my seamstress....

4 Custom made Paduak wood cover (with legs) with two low speed exhaust fans for my tube amp

So curiosity got the best of me. Have you made anything for you stereo system or room? If so what did you make and why?


Gemoody I did the same. Works great. Which DAC hat did you use. I used the Hifiberry. 

Finished the build on my 12" Tannoy speakers (enclosures are 150 liters nearly 2" thick MDF, @ 192 lbs. each, built custom crossovers using Mundorf capacitors, Alpha Core inductors and Dueland resistors, rebuilt my Garrard 401 turntable, built my plinth, and installed a Dynavector tonearm.

I also built many interconnects and power cables over the years. If I had to buy this stuff new and and/or already built, my system wouldn't be any near as good sounding as it is. And, I enjoyed myself in the process.



i build a lot of wires--speaker cables, interconnects, etc. 

I have the stuff on the way to rebuild the crossovers on my 4 way speakers.

I am building a set of outriggers for the same speakers.

I installed a dedicated 240V 30 amp circuit for my system.

I built custom low mass speaker binding posts from all non-metal parts except the center conductor.

I'm thinking of building a custom wood chassis for my amp.  But I'm less into woodwork and more into metalwork nowdays.

Ask me about my other hobbies, I build a lot of stuff for them.  I have a metalworking machine shop in my garage. 



My son and I built a record storage shelf with Zebrawood top. My son did all the welding on the metal framing.