Do you believe everything you read on the internet

I have been running across articles ranging in subjects: technical articles on DIY, on what makes a good cable, what makes a good speaker design, etc.

Problem is many of these articles seem to have erroneous, misleading, false, or downright decietful facts contained within them.

It seems like anyone with an opinion and access to a webpage builder can put out any kind of info they want.

Anyone ever experienced this? When was the first time that you realized not all the info you were coming across was accurate?
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when people/reviewers state they have the best sounding system/component they ever heard. time to hit the delete or back key when encountering this type of thread especially when what they have or auditioning is so-so equipment in a so-so environment.
Comrade, Viridian, Nyet, Nyet!

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This is why one should do their own research and come to their own conclusions. Having said that, it is not hard to seek out and find those who's opinions you can trust and respect, even if you don't completely agree with them. Sean

Or as the noted Berkeley computer scientist, Robert Wilensky, once remarked:

We've all heard that a million monkeys banging on a million typewriters will eventually reproduce the entire works of Shakespeare. Now, thanks to the Internet, we know this is not true.
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Next you're gonna tell me that professional wrestling is fake!
Finally your "voice"...
Glad hearing from you...

I happen to test-drive Bentley Continental '2005 coupe and found that despite it's all hand-made it's simply piece of s...t the way it's built(water leaks when rainy, suspention problems i.e. ball joints strats after only 9 kmi driving in Miami). Not even close to '91 Caddy Fleetwood Brougham'454 but costs 5x cheaper.

The point is that you shouldn't believe that folks who build speakers in their basement just by listening tests 'cause they might not sound great in your room. Who you should trust is the special labs that build speakers to a measured presicion of the sound.

Same thing to all other equipment you could ever think of...

So the algorithm is very simple:

I posted two threads last night and I'm surprised they took off so fast. But wait a second... pro wrestling is fake?
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I have to admit that you're talkin' about me

I tend not to believe anything from a source when I have no knowledge of the source's motivation. I just file it away for background. Around here your financial survival and mental health requires as much - caveat emptor rules!

'taint just the net, I became a cynic when I discovered there was no real Santa. Oops, hope that didn't offend anyone. :-)
Come on, this is total BS. I can't wait for someone to try and tell me we've put a man on the moon.
Anyone have any nominations for most asinine audio webpage? I think i gotta go with fmtunerinfo where nothing ever compares to a 1970's Kenwood (btw I use one too), despite which tuner they have in their listening tests.
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There is a guy with a major chip and axe to grind... but then again, Stereophile never has reviewed Shelter (as far as I know); and Fremer was a total jerk to the guy. It's too bad the guy has such a 'tude b/c buried under the ravings are some valid points. I've also noticed TNT often has little factual errors and technical faux pauxs, but nothing major usually. The reviewers on 6moons are weird in their own way, but not evil.
You mean some actually question what is writ on the I-net?