Do you admit that you ever enjoyed listening to:

Do you ever admit to your audiophile friends that you at one time enjoyed listening to:
- Bread
- Seals and Croft
- Bee Gees
-Dan Fogleberg?
Thought about this after my wife "Alexa'd" a Bread song that I had not heard in years.  Made me think of several artists I listened to in my younger days, but just don't/wouldn't now.

Yeah.  Liked 'em and still do.   So what? and what's it to ya?! :-)

Not everything they ever did, of course.

By the way, re Bee Gees, not the Saturday Night Fever stuff but way earlier...Odessa.  They were more of a Prog Band back then.  Talking late '60s/early '70s.  

Hey - at least I never went for Michael Jackson.  (That oughta raise a few eyebrows.  Too bad.)
The first Bee Gees album is great.
Dan Fogelberg? Love his stuff. 

My guilty pleasure:

Norman Connor’s album, You Are My Starship

Cain’t hep it. Love that thing.
Really like Fogelberg's "Netherlands".  It contains some very strong songs.

@gonetotc - Add "Abba" to your list.  I'll 'fess up to them too.

How did Dan Fogelberg get on that list?
You can keep the other 3, but Fogelberg is really good.

I will admit that I listened to Billy Joel last night....
No, but kind of disappointed you didn't include ABBA :-)
No, but why ask such a dumb question? Sorry, I forgot, there are no dumb questions.
I, for one, would not be w/o my copy of Saturday Night Fever.
2nd Note;
Yes, to the other recording artists as well.
At HS graduation we sang 'We May Never Pass This Way Again" - Seals and Croft. Don't listen to them any more except by accident.
Still enjoy early BeeGees, never did like Dan Fogelberg, Bread & Abba were everywhere when I was a younger fella.
 I confess to liking at least one song from 3 out of 4. Never cared for Seals and Croft.
I feared I might offend, but wasn't the intent.  I own albums by all these folks other than Bread which were purchased when first released.  The Fogleberg albums were played heavily while in college.  Still wish you heard more early Bee Gees.  I even was at a Fogleberg concert when he intro'd one of his songs as "the song that put me in elevators everywhere", so he even recognized some change in status of his music.  Was just. Curious what others thought.  Can't say I pull any of them off the shelf though compared to Steely Dan, Dire Straights or Mark Knofler, Led Zeppelin or the Beatles which I will often grab.

Those groups are all just mellow, easy listening musicians. Be nice! I agree that while they're all worthy of time on my system, I find that I also pull Steely Dan, Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler, Beatles, and even Led Zeppelin off the shelf before listening to them.
  Yes and some of my audiophile friends listening to these artist also.  I would say Bread is my least favorite on your list.  I would add Kenny Loggins to the list also
Bee Gees Yes,
The rest is extremely boring.
Another vote for early Bee Gees.  Some of the best pop tunes of that era.
Hey, his name is Dash Crofts and I'll listen to anything by a guy called "Dash".  Besides, Summer Breeze was a great (ok, lightweight, but still great) track.
All of the above plus Yello, BoneyM, Eruption, Enigma, Aquarium... Is this a test on how "low" does one go?..., am I the winner? :-) Please, I wanna win this one! ;-)
 Even downloaded Lady Gaga and Kanye West, but could not go there without soiling myself.
@ghosthouse, you got yourself a comrad, for some reason I do not get Mike Jackson also. 
*L*  I listen to all sorts of things that might send me off to the audio 'rubber room' with one of those tightly fitting coats with those stylish belts.  And I don't care what you might think when I cue up Deadmau5  followed by Nine Inch Nails followed by something even more extremely off the rails. ;)

Playing something 'outside your age group' should be recognized as a right and a privilege.  Any opinion to the contrary is just that, and is subject to being ignored...

Can I have an 'Amen'? *G*
I don't get Mike Jackson either, but however, I do get Quincy Jones and musicians behind MJ. The crew is superb on every of his albums or singles.
@czarivey - I agree with you about Quincy and the quality of the MJ recordings.  Highly polished, excellent "product"...BUT (recognizing the irony here) for me, it ain't got no soul!  Lack of a shared cultural experience, maybe.  

@gonetotc - I really wasn't offended and do think I get where you are coming from starting the thread.  Kind of fun from that perspective especially given good dissenting commentary.  A couple of worthy suggestions made already for addition (Abba and Kenny Loggins).  How about Neil Diamond?  Barry Manilow?

@Sevs - re MJ, always nice to have comrades.  Never downloaded Lady Gaga or Kanye.  Would be worried about an emergency laundry drill myself.  Barry Manilow is another like that for me (though I remember liking "Mandy" when it was getting AM airplay but don't tell anyone).

re Lady Gag Me - Avoid her in general and specifically during the SuperBowl.  Although, my wife (whose opinion I respect), based on that appearance, says she's got some pipes..."She's like Madonna (read: talent for self-promotion) but can really sing."  Hmmm...maybe add Madonna to the list.   

David Gates (Bread) had a phenomenal voice. To paraphrase somebody else, "I'll listen to anything. Once." I actually enjoy hearing some pop radio fodder over a good system. Check out Crystal Gayle's track "Don't it Make My Brown Eyes Blue." 
I will admit at 56 years of age to listening most of those in my more melancholy moods. Seal and Croft was big in my teen years, early Bee Gees I liked until disco entered the scene. Davis Gates had a wonderful voice. Did't do much Fogelberg. The rest of my days were filled with Deep Purple, Sabbath, Zeppelin, Tull etc. until I discovered blues...
Oh yeah Stain’ Alive, no joking great song.

I’m over being laughed out for my music preferences my taste is across the board but at least I cant be laughed at for not having an open mind/ heart to different kinds of music. There are those who seem to listen to the same type of music over and over, boring. That would drive me nuts.
I have to admit I recently listened to Nelson Pop/rock from the twin sons of the late great Rick Nelson.

Also I have to admit I am a Lady Gaga fan, (sorry ghosthouse). You cannot deny the Gaga featuring Tony Bennett recording/DVD is anything but great. 

Ha...picked up on that nutty.  NO apology necessary.  Was just spouting off my O-pinion.  Be a pretty boring world if we all liked the same stuff.  Don't hold you in any lower esteem 'cause of it either - you post way too much good stuff on your "what's playing" thread.  

Glad you didn't include the Carpenters.

Hated them when I was a kid in the 70s.

Now I think they're friggin incredible.

Ticket to Ride cover -one of the all time truly great pop recordings.

Better than the Beatles and Cathy Berberian.

Ive had my share of music epiphanies. Songs I could of heard playing in the back ground a hundred times through time and not being struck by it in anyway until actually listening to it.  

Micheal Jackson Thriller should make it on someones wouldnt be caught dead listening to it list.    
Good call on Carpenters, vindanpar.  

They're right in the spirit of gonetotc's thread.

Superstar was another good one from them.
When I was much younger, who I listened to was my identity. Now that I've matured (I guess) I listen to whatever sounds good to me. And that is the way it should be. Pigeon-holing one's self because of what others might think puts the blinders on to all the great music out there. I know for me that when I walked into Fingerprints in Long Beach and heard Prefuse 73 I found new reasons for loving music. I will never forget that experience and how it helped to renew the love affair.
Great post, pokey...even if I can’t quite cotton to Prefuse! Good insight about musical tastes defining us and the limitations of that.

I wore out my Bee Gees First LP.  And I had (the first?) Seals and Crofts album, which I listened to some.  I never had Bread or Fogelberg but I did admire Gates' craftsmanship.  The only thing I'd be curious to hear again of all that is the early Bee Gees.
Funny thing about that music - there's a band for every ear.

GH, I do hope that you'll someday dig on Prefuse 73; but beyond the folks in the record store, I don't know anyone else who enjoys them or that genre. Still, it has really brought passion back to my music world, even for the things I have known for so long.

I do know of all the bands mentioned by the OP but am the least acquainted with Dan Fogelberg. A buddy that I've seen 40-50 shows with is a Fogelberg fan.

I need to check out the four bands mentioned by the OP since I have Spotify. Thanks to GH on that count.

Awesome thread; carry on.
Alvin and the Chipmunks. My first LP. Five years old.
That song was actually on that album Jerry. LOL


In short; Yes. Whether you’re drawn to the genre or not, all the groups you first listed produced/wrote great melodies and in my view that's what it's all about ... that and the arrangement. Sadly, much of the [email protected]#$%*! produced today and for perhaps that past two decades, is a pathetic and sad attempt to pass noise off as "music" .... but, the millennials & X generations lap it up to the tune of billions of dollars annually. There is very little or no variety … one, two, maybe 3 chords repeated over and over with a backdrop of syntho-babble …. a mindless bunch of flats and sharps and an arrangement that are agonizingly unimaginable and unmusical. There are a very few, what I call good bands out there ….. but the greater majority is just processed crap. I’ll step off my soap box now.

I agree with exactly what Vindanpar said about the Carpenter's.  Wouldn't give them the time of day, back in the day.  Now I listen to them and am bowled over by the quality of Karen's voice and the professional and artful production of the songs.  "We've only just begun" sounds particularly amazing on my system, as well as, the other songs mentioned above.  I must be over the hill.  And far away.
Never owned a Bee Gee CD, but I have listen to Barry Manilow, from time to that any better? And I find the Carpenter's to be timeless with Karen ' s wonderful vocals.  
I first heard Dan Fogelberg in the mid-1970s, back when I was in high school, and most recently listened to him last week. I thought he was great back then, and still feel that way now. Saw him live once in the good ol' days, and he was really good live, too.
-- Howard
@pokey77  You hit the nail on the head. My identity was also defined by what I listened to. I missed out on so much, due to my un willingness to acknowledge any music that was not "cool" A pivotal moment in my life occurred around 25 years ago when I saw a Cyndi Lauper live video. She was singing Time After Time. I noticed immediately the beautifully played arpeggios with none other than Rick Derringer on guitar. I was shocked at first, I mean, this was Rick Derringer.With Cyndi Lauper?? What's going on here?? Then I started to pay attention to the quality of Cyndi's voice. At that moment I new that I had, due to my own stubbornness, missed out on a wealth of music because it was "un cool". I vowed to never again dismiss any music before I gave it a chance, be that a specific artist or genre. I now own and enjoy so many different varieties of music, and I have successfully passed this philosophy on to my son, who is a music lover, and still in his teens.
@crazyeddy Totally agreed. I appreciate your experience and the fact that you've tried to pass that on to your son. I bet he'll thank you for that some day too.  -Rock on.